If you are searching for a home security system and land on the Amazon site, you will find there is an overwhelming amount of systems to choose from. They range from very cheap versions to extremely high-tech expensive ones. While Amazon offers competitive prices and great shipping deals, many times, customers don’t know exactly what they’re buying. The purpose of a home security system is to protect the most important people and things in your life. A home security system is not an investment or purchase you should make on a whim. According to Safe Wise,


  • “About 72% of all burglaries reported in 2015 were on a residential property.
  • Historically, the risk of burglary is higher for rental properties than occupant-owned properties. If you rent, consider the advantages of a wireless security system.
  • The average dollar loss per burglary increased from $2,120 in 2011 to $2,316 in 2015.5,6Most home security systems don’t cost nearly this much, and they can help prevent a burglary from occurring in the first place.”

America Loves Smart Devices

It seems America has fallen in love with smart speakers in light of the new privacy and security vulnerabilities. It is estimated that about 20 million homes have a voice-activated assistant. In an attempt to keep up with consumers’ increasing demand for smart home assistants, Amazon has launched a portal offering home security services. The services are offered in tiers and can be bundled with the voice-activated Echo Dot as well as other accessories. While Echo Dot can be very fun and interactive, its additional features also lead to privacy concerns. There are plenty of ways that the Amazon Echo can leave you exposed. 

How can Amazon Echo Leave You Exposed?

The Echo has the potential to collect very sensitive personal data whether you want it to or not. If you are not cautious in what you say when near the speaker, or other smart devices in your home, there is a risk of your information being collected by third parties.

If you share the address book from your phone with Amazon Echo, you risk a private recording being sent to all your contacts. It is wise to not give the device this information during setup. The only way to ensure the device is not eavesdropping is to mute the speaker so that the built-in microphones won’t be turned on. This, of course, means you will have to turn them back on in order to give the device a new command, which can be a hassle.

The Echo can also assist in controlling cameras, thermostat, smart lights, and even smart locks. Security consultants warn that a weakness in one of your devices can let a hacker watch your video cameras and possibly access your bank account if they are all on the same network.

What About the Amazon Echo Look?

The Echo Look is one of Amazon’s newest devices. It features both a microphone and camera. The little device is designed to provide fashion advice as it snaps pictures of you. While it is solely for fashion now, it could possibly be used for other purposes later. It is important to consider the privacy implications of this device, especially since it contains a camera and a microphone.


Don’t Leave Yourself Exposed

When shopping for a home security system, it is essential to understand the security products you are investing in. You will want to read the fine print of each device to learn how it operates and whether or not it collects and stores camera and audio. If it does, you’ll want to review its privacy policy to ensure your data is not being shared with unwanted third parties.

Here at Protect America, we value your privacy and security above everything. You can rest easy knowing your information and data will never be shared with unwanted third parties. Contact us today to learn more about the value of buying a home security system through Protect America.