Paying too much for a security system isn’t necessary — and there are plenty of ways to avoid it. Among those ways is working with a company that can be trusted, such as American Alarm and Communications. This company has good reviews from a lot of the people who are customers of it now and who have been customers of it in the future. Additionally, the company offers good quality service for most homeowners, and provides the kind of value they’re looking for. Not all customers are happy with the value this company offers, but with that in mind many people feel the pricing is fair.


Paying a Fair Price for Home Security

Home monitoring isn’t going to be free, and that makes sense. Anytime a company installs equipment in a home and then agrees to monitor that equipment on a 24/7 basis, no one would expect the company to do that without compensation. However, paying a fair price is key.

Homeowners need to make sure they are not overpaying for the service they are getting. That is affected by their perception of what’s fair, but also by the value they’re perceiving. If homeowners feel like they’re getting good value when they’re paying American Alarm and Communications, they believe they’re paying a fair price.

If they think the value isn’t good or accurate, then they aren’t convinced they’re paying a price that’s fair for the security monitoring they’re receiving. While prices can be compared across companies, value is mostly subjective.

The True Cost of American Alarm and Communications

For most customers, they can expect to pay American Alarm and Communications around $35 to $50 per month. That’s for a basic package and a smaller home all the way up to a more complex package and a larger home. Customers who have larger homes should expect to pay more, especially if they choose a package that goes beyond the basics and offers more information or value. But that doesn’t mean that customers should pay a lot more with one company than they do with another. They should get a price that’s comparable based on the size of the house and the kind of monitoring package they want.


Choosing an Alarm System Means More Than Price

The price that customers pay for American Alarm and Communications is important, just as it is with any monitoring company. However, any homeowner will want to look for a good company that is based on more than price. That should include:

  • reliable, 24/7 monitoring capabilities
  • high end equipment that’s easily installed
  • fast response times and strong customer service

When customers get all of those things in a monitoring company, they can have more peace of mind. That helps them feel comfortable and safe in their own home, and gives them the opportunity to have strong protection from a business they can trust.

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