American Alarm and Communications was founded in 1971 by three MIT graduates. American Alarm is now the largest independent security company in New England. With more than 40 years of experience in the alarm industry, you might think that American Alarm has learned how to get you the best deal for your money. You would be wrong.


American Alarm is Incredibly Expensive

Picking American Alarm will cost you about $800 in total upfront costs. That is entirely too expensive. It’s unconscionable to think that New England families would be forgoing the security they need just because they couldn’t get $800 together. You shouldn’t have to save money for 3 months to afford a home security system.

In comparison, Protect America offers $0 in equipment fees. This means that you’ll pay nothing for your home security system. At Protect America, we’re committed to offering home security systems that meet the needs of families and homes, not our bottom line. What that means to you is that you won’t have to save for months to afford a home security system from American Alarm. If you’re looking for a home security system, you want one now, not 3 months from now.

American Alarm Overcharges on Monthly Monitoring

Now that we know that American Alarm charges you a lot of money to set up your home security system, you might think that you’ll save money on their monthly monitoring fees. Again, you’d be wrong.

American Alarm charges $29.95 in monthly monitoring. That’s just too much. For comparison, Protect America’s monthly monitoring contract starts at $19.99 per month. A $10/month difference might not seem like a lot. But, over the course of your contract, that will add up to about $360. Imagine what you would do with an additional $360 in your life.

And, Protect America offers a low price guarantee. This means if American Alarm suddenly realizes that they’ve been overcharging New England families for the past 40 years, Protect America will match any price they come up with. This is the best deal in the entire alarm industry. Talk to a security consultant today for more information.


You Deserve Better

Obviously, if you value your money, American Alarm isn’t the company for you. It’s just too expensive. If you’re looking for something different, give Protect America a call. We know that home security can be a very difficult topic to research. To help with this, we offer free consultations with security experts. To get your free consultation, call our main line today. We’d love to give you a point in the right direction.