When it comes to your home and family, you want to make sure you have the best protection in place. Fortunately, there are various alarm system solutions on the market to choose from. Each one comes with a unique monitoring system that you can utilize depending on your preference. Depending on the type you choose, you may even receive valuable monitoring from a professional security company. If you think you don’t need professional monitoring, it’s time to think again. According to the Home Security Monitoring Center,

“60% of all residential burglaries occur during daylight hours, [with] high risk items [being] money, jewelry, furs – appliances such as televisions, stereo systems and high-end radios – guns – electronic equipment such as computers, typewriters and calculators – automotive parts, expensive clothing and power tools.”

It’s time to protect yourself, your family, and your home, and it starts with investing in one of today’s top American home alarms. Let’s look at some of the various alarms and systems on the market and explain how they work.

Video Monitoring

This type of security system works wonders if you require video surveillance of your property. Cameras that integrate with these systems are portable and flexible enough to be attached to almost any surface around your house. The security feed provides a constant stream of footage that runs all day and allows you to rewind and fast forward to find crucial moments in surveillance; this is especially important if the video footage needs to be used in a court of law to prosecute an intruder.

Remote Access Alarm Systems


Like video monitoring, these systems can be accessed from your mobile device at any time. This convenient type of alarm system allows you to view your property at any time with the use of an app. Thanks to the power of smartphone technology, you can be away from your property and notify the authorities if you spot any suspicious activity at your house. The top benefits of remote access alarm systems include:

  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • Access from any mobile device
  • Around-the-clock surveillance
  • Automatically alert the authorities

Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless alarms take convenience and flexibility to the next level. They require no hardwiring and can detect motion around your property. Depending on the kind of motion and the way you have the alarm preset, authorities can be alerted to ensure you and your family are safe. This option is fantastic at keeping a proximity alarm around your property.

Local Alarm

This type of alarm is the most basic when it comes to alarm systems available on the market. Like the wireless alarm system, this type of alarm will alert you if an intruder is within a certain proximity of your household. However, this alarm doesn’t always have the option to alert the authorities.


Protecting Your Family with The Right Security

Here at Protect America, your family’s safety always comes first. Whether you feel your home is being targeted for a burglary or you’re just looking for peace of mind, getting a security system can be a huge lifesaver in the long run. With criminals becoming smarter as time goes on, we must do our part and protect our properties with the latest forms of innovative tech that come out on the market. Use our guide discussed above to help you find the right security system that benefits you the most and keeps you and your family safe.