Home Security is a Surprising Industry

It’s not so surprising that the home security industry is more popular than ever. In fact, it makes sense. People want to be sure their home, loved ones, and belongings are safe, when they are not home and when they are. They look for companies who can provide the best security at the most affordable prices. What is surprising are the unusual things that often happen when it comes to home security calls. Here are three facts about home security calls that will leave you scratching your head.


1. Robocalls Often Offer Free Home Security for Putting a Sign in Your Yard….and It’s a Scam

File this one under “don’t ever sign up with a company about which you know nothing.” It is a common phone scam for robocallers to call you, even if your phone is on a “Do Not Call List,” and offer you free home security if you just put the company’s sign in your yard. The only catch? You will be signing a long-term contract with a company that won’t tell you about itself, and the security usually ends up being anything but free. That is why you should only do business  with a solid, reputable home security company that lets you know everything you want to know about it before signing.

2. Most of the Calls to Home Security Companies End Up Being False Alarms

Home security is one of those things that you probably won’t ever need, but you will really wish you had if you do need it. It’s a peace of mind thing, and you can’t put a price on that. But, interestingly, the vast majority of calls to police from home security companies turn out to be false alarms. If you don’t answer when the company calls when your alarm goes off, the company calls the police. Most cities let the first few false alarms go by with no charge each year, which is good, because a number of things could make an alarm go off without someone actually breaking in.

Home Security Saves Lives

Here is your third fact. In an article for Cracked.com, a former home security technician revealed some little known ways home security companies can and do save lives. The anonymous former technician said:

” Though I should note that some systems also come with smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and they do work. There are plenty of stories, like one of a woman who had a carbon monoxide detector go off in her house but refused to leave, since she had her doors and windows open. The ADT rep kept calling until she finally left the house, and when firefighters arrived, they told her that if she’d been in there for half an hour longer, she would have died.”


Don’t Leave Your Home Security to Anyone but the Experts

Your home security is too important to be taken lightly. That is why you want to always make sure you use  monitored home security company like Protect America. We provide 24/7 monitored security for your home, using a solid contract with you so we both know what to expect from each other. There are no surprises where we are concerned. While there may be some excellent competitors out there, none of them can match the high level of protection and peace of mind Protect America can offer you.

There are plenty of reasons to choose us. We have no installation fees, locked-in rates, and a price-match guarantee. We have been a Consumers Digest Best Buy winner nine times, so you know we are a top quality company. We provide up to $1,400 in free equipment, and have simple, affordable monthly rates as low as $30. The competition simply cannot offer these things, things which we are sure you will appreciate in Protect America.

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