In 1984, Tim Creenan and his wife started Amherst Alarm Incorporated. Amherst Alarm is a home security company that uses advanced systems to monitor your home. When you call this company to acquire about a new home security system, according to your needs, they will design a custom home security system just for you. However, this kind of customization with Amherst Alarm will cost you quite a bit out-of-pocket. Additionally, their monthly monitoring prices are slightly higher than what you might get elsewhere.


Security System Overview

Amherst Alarm uses an ANET secure monitoring that allows communication between your system, the monitoring station and your smartphone or computer. As previously stated, this company will emphasize the importance of customization. While customization is very important for the accuracy and dynamic of a home security system, we believe it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Amherst Alarm uses Silent Knight by Honeywell and charges a whopping $495 to get your system up and running. Depending on your specifications, your home security system could contain some of the following devices sold by Amherst Alarm:

  • motion detectors
  • a control panel
  • glass break detectors
  • CO detectors
  • smoke alarms
  • keychains
  • video security

Sounds like some fairly basic home security equipment. In fact, Protect America can provide you with the same equipment for much, much less. It is also important to note that Protect America offers three different types of monitoring options to fit your needs and budget. Many smaller companies such as Amherst Alarm only offer one type of monitoring. Before choosing a home security company, make sure the system will actually work with your home.


Amherst Alarm charges about $29 a month for your home security system to be monitored. In addition to paying the $495 for equipment, activation and installation… you’ll pay close to $400 in monitoring fees throughout your contract with Amherst. On the other hand, at Protect America, you’ll save over a hundred dollars for twice the amount of security that you’ll get with Amherst!

At Protect America, we provide free start-up equipment with purchase of monitoring. Monitoring costs as low as $19.99 a month and comes with a lifetime warranty on your control panel! Even though our equipment is free of cost when you start, you own it by the time you finish your monitoring agreement. Additionally, we are a national company that is able to offer you customization at an affordable price. Protect your home and your wallet with Protect America!


It is a bit frustrating when you are in the market to purchase a service or a product and you are unable to find out anything about the cost unless you call the company directly. One of the main things that bothers us in addition to high costs is the lack of transparency online with their pricing and services. Potential customers must call their sales department to retrieve such information. However, at Protect America, we believe you should have all the information you need upfront in order to make a good decision on the service and products you’re purchasing. We are suspicious of any company that hides this from the customer. 


The Bottom Line

Go with a home security company that makes it easy to choose for their home and family, whether that’s Protect America or not. Choosing a national home security company means choosing experience and stability. Call Protect America today and check us out on Facebook and Twitter!