With approximately 2.5 million burglaries a year, it is shocking that only 13% are ever solved by official police in the United States.

AMP Security has been providing both residential and commercial properties with security monitoring since 2009. With the combination of home security and home automation, creating a sense of well-being and protection has never been easier than with a home alarm system in place. Before choosing a home security provider such as AMP Security for all of your monitoring needs it is imperative to compare your options while gaining a thorough and clear understanding of the services you are looking to obtain. 


AMP Security Services

AMP Security offers protection and monitoring for residential and commercial properties, regardless of the type of security you are genuinely interested in. Some of the top features provided by AMP Security include:

  • Smart panel access to quickly and efficiently control your home alarm system.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and protection available to alert authorities immediately in the event of a system breach.
  • Home automation is also available for an additional fee to monitor and keep track of your home system using your smartphone. Control the lighting, door locks, and even the thermostat in your home even if you are not occupying it while on the go. 
  • Door and window sensors are also included in most security packages from AMP Security.
  • Fire and carbon monoxide detectors can also be installed with your AMP security package for an additional fee and monthly charge.

Cancellation Fees

Any customer of AMP Security is required to pay a cancellation fee of $1250 or the remaining balance owed on a contract if it is not yet up when canceling service altogether. If you are thinking of switching security providers it is important to consider whether or not you are capable of paying off the $1250 or to determine how much money you still owe before opting out. Cancellation fees are implemented whether you are a new customer or if you have been a loyal customer of AMP Security monitoring services for decades. 


Lack of Pricing Transparency

AMP has a lack of pricing transparency when showcasing plans and equipment to potential customers. Without having a clear idea of the overall price range you should expect, you may encounter surprises when signing a contract or seeking a new agreement with AMP Security for you and your own home. Before choosing AMP Security as your home alarm provider it is highly advisable to inquire about pricing and additional fees you may face as a new customer or as a customer with add-ons to an original security package offered from the company. 

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