On Angie’s List you can find local handymen, local repair shops, and pretty much any type of local business. Also, you can find the best local home security companies on Angie’s List. The review site happens to be one of the top rated review sites simply because people actually pay to be a part of it. Unlike other free review sites, people and competing companies seem to give an obscure or at times an over elaborate review about companies. It can almost be a burden to search some reviews sites for the truth.

On Angie’s List you can find various reviews about different home security companies. It’s great because all of them are very honest, and the company actually can access

Protect America on Angie’s List

Currently Protect America tops Angie’s List as one of the top home security companies. With over 100 reviews by current and past customers, Protect America is consistent in responding to customers whether its a negative or positive review. Ranked in the top tier of home security companies, Protect America continues to get a positive response from its customer base. “Its great to hear back from out customers whether it’s negative or positive” says Adrian Salas, Protect America spokesperson. “The great thing on Angie’s List is that if you write a review, you have to include all your information, so that the company can actually contact you directly and make sure they fix any issues if you had any” said Adrian.

With over 100 reviews, it’s plain to see what Protect America’s customers are actually saying. Being able to communicate with your home security company has never been easier.

Angie’s List Best Home Security Companies

Sharing your voice and review is a great opportunity to be able to converse with your company on Angie’s List. Share your thoughts and information about your experience so that they can improve. The best home security companies respond to all their customers whether the experience they had was negative or positive. If your company is ignoring you, it’s probably time for a new home security company. Get a home security who actually listens to what you are saying and takes your feedback to build off of it.

Protect America might be one of the largest home security companies, but its one of the best at listening to its customers. A home security with big ideas, but even bigger hearts. We take pride in serving our communities and our nation. Protect the things  you love. It’s simple. Give us a call using the number at the top of the page, or simply fill out the blue form on the right column.

See our superstar rating on Angie’s List here. Give us a call and we will get you a discount on an Angie’s List membership for leaving us a review. For more reviews and testimonials about Protect America visit PA Testimonials.