Earlier today, home security company ANNKE unveiled a new security camera, called the Nova S. With the announcement of the Nova S, ANNKE also revealed that a pricier camera model, dubbed the Nova Orion, will debut soon. The Nova S is an oblong-shaped camera that ports an adjustable base, allowing it to be mounted on flat surfaces or against walls. The Nova S is capable of monitoring a room within its 115 degree surveillance range. Here’s what else we know about the new Nova S:

The Nova S will integrate with your home’s smart technology

This new camera integrates with Amazon’s Alexa, making it easy to view different areas of your home with a single voice command. In addition, the Nova S is compatible with IFTTT, which means that it will be able to interact with other smart home technology, such as the Philips Hue or WeMo switch, as ANNKE’s press release states. In addition to the integration with smart technology, the Nova S boasts these features:

  • Cloud service storage
  • Remote monitoring
  • Two way audio: allows you to have conversations with people in the house while you’re away
  • Smart motion-triggered notifications: you’re alerted by email as soon as motion is detected in the house
  • 1080p clear night vision

The Nova Orion is capable of the above features as well, in addition to two more functions:

  • Smart Auto Tracking: this allows the Nova Orion to monitor, track and record objects in motion
  • Privacy mode: the Nova Orion tracks what you want it to track, but this can be disabled at any time.

If there’s any instance in which you prefer recording to be off, the Nova Orion can automatically cover its camera and stop sound recording until prompted to reactive.

Both cameras are conveniently controlled through ANNKE’s security app.

What’s the verdict?

Although the Nova S and the Nova Orion are both capable of cloud service storage, ANNKE only offers this service for free for one month. After the first month of service, ANNKE charges an extra fee to continue this cloud service storage, starting at $5.99 per month. If you do not want to pay this extra fee, the cameras come with a 128G micro SD card, but you’ll have to clear out the recordings if the memory gets full.

In addition, the Smart Auto Tracking is a good idea, but ANNKE doesn’t mention if their cameras are pet-friendly

This feature could be annoying if you get an alert every time your furry friend walks in front of the camera.

The Nova S is a great option for those looking to improve their home security in terms of reasonable pricing and specs offered. ANNKE’s website lists the camera at $69.99, which places it at the mid to lower-end of the pricing spectrum for similar cameras.