His outer shell is white. Grippy, rubber strip legs allow him to maneuver surfaces with ease — grass, wood, carpet; no problem. When you aren’t home he’ll check to make sure you locked the doors. He’ll even announce it’s dinner time to the family via his built in speaker. Meet Appbot Riley, the home security robot that makes you think Disney Pixar’s Wall-E came to life.

Touted as “the world’s smartest home companion,” Appbot Riley is the second model of Appbot Link, created by a Korean team based in Los Angeles to enhance home security.

Riley can be controlled with a smartphone from any location with internet access. He’s equipped with: night vision, live HD video streaming, audio transmission, a charging dock, and motion detection alerts.


If he falls over, he can flip himself upright. His strong, plastic shell has a smooth surface and makes him durable — so he can take a beating if your kids or pets include him in rough housing. And no individual parts ensure that Riley is choking hazard friendly.

Riley is making his first appearance on Indiegogo, but not his first launch. The Appbot V1 was developed, launched, and delivered successfully through traditional eCommerce, including Amazon.

Riley can send text message alerts and save images with on board memory. When Riley is in detect mode he can store up to 5 videos of 10 second length, but he doesn’t support cloud storage.  He uses image processing for motion detection. He supports digital zoom and his night light lets him work while you sleep.

Is Appbot Riley right for you?

Appbot Riley is a fun addition to your home security system — and his use for recording and broadcasting messages to the family is unique. But 10 second video length is limiting, and though multiple Riley’s can be connected via a smartphone device, they can’t all be connected at once.

Riley knows when he’s running low on battery, but only if he’s within one meter of his charging station and you’ve selected the docking feature. He takes four hours to charge, so his 1.5 hour battery life falls short.

He’s durable, but he isn’t waterproof — and of course he can be broken, so accidents aren’t entirely avoidable.

He requires a two-step password and video data is encoded for security, but as with any in-home camera service there may be concerns of whether or not the system can be hacked into or compromised — a topic that Riley’s founders haven’t mentioned.

Shipping is planned for July 2016, but Riley will be sent from Korea, so delivery dates may vary. He’s accompanied with a one year warranty and can be purchased via credit card or Paypal.

Riley can’t be programmed to navigate on his own, but the feature is planned for future models. He also can’t be accessed via PC desktop.



Appbot Riley is a fun addition to your home security system, but his value seems to be more commodity than useful. He doesn’t add anything that a home security system can’t provide, and he comes at a bit of a price. Since the early bird special for Riley has expired, a single bot costs $159, double is $318, or three bots for $477.

If you have disposable income and enjoy some of his additional features Riley can be a unique addition to your home — and will surely provide you’re kids and pets with entertainment. But don’t pick up Riley(s) with the intention of using him(them) as a standalone security system. They can’t be used for such.

The team claims they’ve answered all the improvements from their first Appbot Link, and with Indiegogo customer feedback note that some specifications may change during the campaign, but there’s no timetable on when these specifications will occur — or if they’ll happen after your Riley has been shipped.

Pick-up Appbot Riley at your own risk — but don’t expect him to be your stand-in security system.