APS home security has some pretty decent packages for security, but it’s important to keep in mind that they also have smart home features as well. Another thing to look into is their customer service. It wouldn’t do for a security company to be unresponsive when you need help. So we did a little digging to see how well the company measures up.


Bountiful Benefits

  • The ability to control any home automation from across the world is a trend that has evolved into a lifestyle. APS Home Security has kept current made it possible for their patrons to change, set, or check a home security system from beyond the horizon.
  • Around the clock customer service is another step that most companies have taken. APS Home Security systems offer their consumers the easiness of the latest automation. One phone app and a homeowner does not have to fret over forgetting to set their alarm to their current status.
  • When a customer purchases a home security system through ASP Home Security, they speak to a home security specialist every time. The readily available customer service and the level of quality experience are suitable for long-lasting customer experience.

Installing a security system in your home is an investment in your property and in the well-being of your family. Our system designers work with you to                 identify your home’s weak points and design a unique security solution that best meets your needs.

Smart Security System

  • Home automation tops every list of what people want when it comes to their home. ASP Home Security has followed consumers into the land of automation.
  • The local hardware store likely has security cameras in stock. However, with APS Home Security, the camera options because they acknowledge every home requires different things. For example, interior and exterior cameras. Not everyone needs both.
  • Instant alerts and access to home automation is a massive draw when it comes to home security. APS Home Security is evolving as consumers do the same.
  • Wireless monitoring
  • LCD touchscreen keypads
  • Alarm management from a smart device from across the world
  • Video surveillance from across the World
  • Automatic text notifications
  • Home automation does not stop with security systems. APS Home Security offers fire protection, home visual systems, and smart thermostats to complete the automation of a home if a client wanted one company, one avenue towards full automation.

Drawbacks of APS

One of the drawbacks to APS is their customer service can sometimes leave something to be desired. They tend to have a lot of newer people to help you that might not know how to help you. They also tend to cost a little more than other security companies. Which for the service you get isn’t the end of the world, but they are definitely charging a higher premium than they have to.

The Future Of Features

APS Home Security does not contract out to a third party for monitoring services. The reduction of false alarms is because of the instant alerts and communication that is reinforced with 24 hours a day, seven days a week customer service.

Relationships with communities and municipal agencies are a priority for APS Home Security. The lifeline the relationship extends is the difference between life and death, and love and loss.

Customization is a draw for many families into the realm of home security systems. APS Home Security provides information to anyone on the homeowner’s contact list.  Friends, loved ones, neighbors, are all allowed access to assist in case of alarm activation.

Community service is something that APS Home Security believes betters everyone. Their mission statement is clear about how they view the communities that they serve.

The APS team has a never-ending commitment to the well-being of the community. All of our 50+ full-time employees are local residents; perhaps some are your neighbors. At APS, employees have multiple opportunities to participate in volunteerism and help their community.


Professional technicians Protect America are available to answer any questions and help with step-by-step instructions on how to install a new home security system.  Even older systems are protected by Protect America’s trained service technicians that troubleshoot issues, so no one pays for repairs that are not required.