Many people searching for DIY security systems have found information regarding Arduino security systems or have stumbled across information about these systems on a Google or Bing search. You might be asking, “What is Arduino?” or “How do I set up an Arduino security system of my own?” If you are not familiar with what Arduino is or how it works, then you should keep reading this article to understand a bit more about what you might be getting yourself into. This isn’t a task to be taken lightly or to be taken on by a mere amateur. Security systems are made to alleviate risk but they can also present a risk too. These are electrical components that can be dangerous to work with for starters, and secondly, Arduino is an open source platform for creating real hardware programmed with custom development, but there is no support other than forums and other information in Wikis and such.


Consumers are advised to only buy professionally manufactured products from trusted brands in a supply chain that has support for the products and services they offer. Also, read this post from Protect America about why it might not be a good idea to use an Arduino system for security.

“It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project.” – Napoleon Hill

What is Arduino and Is it the Right Choice for Me?

This is a perfectly reasonable set of questions. Let’s deal with the first: What is Arduino? Arduino is an open-source electronics platform. It is based on user friendly hardware and software production techniques. Arduino boards are assembled to read inputs that can be converted to an output. For example an input could include a sensor for a light and the output could be the light or light pattern. This technology can also incorporate software, applications or data from the Internet or cloud too.

So essentially, an Arduino security system is one that has been built from scratch using the Arduino platform as a means of production, creating inputs and outputs to program the system, customized by the user. This means you must either have a lot of time on your hands to learn if you are not already familiar with building on Arduino or you have to actually have some skills in this department. It is also imperative to have a knack for electronics design, either professionally or as a hobby. If you don’t, this mission is probably not worth your time or investment in the gear.


What Kind of Arduino Projects Already Exist?

On the other hand, you could also try to attempt to build or build upon an already existing project created by someone else or by another team. There are Arduino projects from all over the world and users share their ideas. You can hack another idea to meet your own specifications and needs, or you can just replicate a process that has already proven to work. For example, on the Arduino website, there are more than 1100 projects that fit the description for home security system.  Among them, there are a variety of kinds of projects in various stages of development including those that are ongoing, incomplete, rough or completely manufactured and enclosed. Many users also incorporate 3D printing, so you might want one handy if going with their concept.

Security Issues with Your Open Source Security System

Using an open source system can have advantages for price and customization and can also be a fun electronics project, but vulnerabilities that are not known can mean that a security breach has the potential to occur. Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America.