Take a Closer Look at the Arlo Home Security Cameras

Arlo cameras, the line produced by Netgear, are some of the highest regarded home security products currently available. The Smart Plans also include motion detection sensors that will send you a text or email alert when activated. When the alert sounds on your designated device, a screen will also pop up giving you the option to dismiss, call a friend, or call 911 or other local emergency service providers.


The alert comes with a live look from the activated camera so that you can tell if it is a false alarm or a real emergency. In addition to motion sensors, the cameras can also provide what they refer to as “Person Detection” that identifies when there is a person or persons on your property. This use of AI technology allows the camera to better and more quickly detect intruders or potential car thieves.

The basic features that you would expect from a company like Netgear, are of course included in most all of their models from the most basic to their most advanced. Arlo cameras are available in a full-range, with almost every feature that you could want included:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Night vision
  • Pivot, zoom, and tilt
  • 7-day cloud recording option included in the base plan
  • Weather resistant
  • HD

Anyone who is tech-savvy in the very least will likely be familiar with the company Netgear. Their home security cameras under the Arlo umbrella are considered to be top of the line and come highly recommended from most all tech gadget review outlets. With their latest technological advancements, Arlo is definitely the standard by which most other DIY security systems are measured.

When buying one of the Arlo cameras, such as the wire free options: Arlo, Arlo Pro, and the Arlo Pro 2. Or if you are looking for indoor cameras that utilize AC power outlets, take a look at the Arlo Q and the Arlo Q Plus. The company also offers skins if you find the all-white design too obtrusive. The high-quality of their cameras along with the free 7-day cloud storage makes the Arlo line of security cameras an appealing option. The quality of the images from their cameras is as sharp as can be, even when the night vision feature is being utilized. If you would like to save your footage for longer than the 7-day free period, there are additional options available as subscription features.


Have You Considered a Monitored Security Service?

While the Arlo line of products is quite impressive, their capabilities are in fact quite limited.

What good is having a surveillance set-up if you miss the text message or email that alerts you to an intruder?

Anyone who is serious about home security owes it to themselves and their families to take a look at full-service monitoring services such as Protect America. The company not only has the experience, but also the recognition for the level of service and products that it provides, receiving the Smart Buy designation eight times from Consumers Digest.

The company is one of the best in the business and has over 25 years of experience. If you want a full-service security company that will keep your family safe, even when your smartphone battery is dead, take a closer look at Protect America’s equipment and services. If you are looking for free installation, 24/7 monitoring,  a fixed price throughout the entire length of your contract, and a price-match guarantee, call them today at (800) 951-5190 or complete their online form to receive your free quote.