Netgear recently announced a home security kit called Arlo, which is compromised of two video surveillance devices and a hub. Arlo is expected to be released to the public in January 2015. Until then, who’s protecting your home and family? Arlo is the first and only 100 percent wireless WiFi security camera with high definition video. The Arlo kit is a self-monitored system that allows you to check in on your home with access through the smartphone app. While it has security features, this kit will still leave your home vulnerable to a burglary.



When it comes to choosing home security, you must do right by your family to ensure their protection in the event of an emergency. While there are various factors that will influence your decision, the biggest one will be whether to opt for an unmonitored or monitored alarm. It goes without saying that any home security is better than none. However, not all security systems are created equal.

Arlo is a self-monitored system. Because there’s no link-up with a central monitoring station, an self-monitored system won’t do much more than notify you in the unfortunate event of a burglary. In the case of Arlo, that’s about all it will do since there is no audio alarm feature included in the kit. You’ll be able to watch your home being burglarized. Self-monitored systems such as this leave it up to you to call for help. Unless you’re watching the live-feed, chances are the burglar is long gone.

With a monitored system, you’re receiving a higher level of security. A monitored system offers all the same features of an un-monitored alarm and expands upon them. In the event of a break-in, your monitored system will contact help for you, saving precious minutes. The benefit is the extra peace of mind that comes from knowing someone is keeping watch over your home 24/7. Protect America offers a number of different home security kits for various price-points that’ll monitor your home at all times.

What Can Arlo Do?

The Arlo kit comes with two cameras and a hub. Each of these cameras is relatively small and can fit in the palm of your hand. Arlo cameras are completely battery powered and can allegedly deliver 720p video quality. Netgear claims Arlo cameras can last for up to 6 months without having to change the batteries. The cameras are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and offer live video streaming through the smartphone application. Upon purchasing the kit, you receive 200MB of Netgear-provided cloud storage. However, there is no option for local storage at this time. This means once you’ve exceeded the 200MB of cloud storage that comes with the kit, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee for any additional storage.

The cameras are equipped with motion detectors that can sense activity in the surrounding area. Additionally, Arlo cameras can rotate 120 degrees. However, Arlo is missing many features that come with a traditional home security system. It lacks:

  • glass-break sensors
  • door/window sensors
  • a panel
  • key chains
  • CO sensors
  • smoke detectors
  • professional monitoring
  • local storage options

How Much Does It Cost?

Arlo is expensive. The two-camera kit alone will cost you about $350 plus any additional storage fees you might have to purchase. You have to buy the entire kit before adding any stand-alone Arlo hardware to the platform, making it an expensive option for an unmonitored device. Each additional camera will cost you about $175. However, the cameras will not work without the base hub. For as low as $19.99 a month in professional monitoring, you can get free equipment for your home at Protect America.

Consider home security from Protect America, where we guarantee a lifetime warranty on all equipment. With our security systems, you can have the peace of mind that comes with professional monitoring for an affordable price. Protect America has over 20 years of experience in the industry, a large customer base, multiple national monitoring facilities, and the ability to help you secure your home from anywhere.