Do it yourself is all the rage in home security at the moment, combining new video technology to keep a look out for and innovative smart home features that didn’t exist a few years ago. One of the forerunners in smart home camera systems is Arlo, wireless cameras for indoor and outdoor video surveillance.

One of the boons of the Arlo is that they don’t try and up-sell you on overpriced services and trap you into a proprietary cloud service that you can’t get out of. In fact, Arlo comes with a full week of video storage out of the box with no extra cost to you. Pair with motion detection you honestly probably don’t need any more storage than that to catch the bad guy, but if you do their prices are lower than most of their competition.

Security Light and Arlo System

Recently, Arlo released their new security light add-on that takes the Arlo security surveillance to a whole new level. Just like the Arlo cameras, the security lights come by themselves or in packs of 2 or 3. These wireless lights give you an extremely simple way to add motion sensor lights to your outdoor security wherever you need them. Even if you just buy the Arlo security cameras by themselves, you will still get a great amount of value out of them.

However, the value of these lights really shine when they are paired with other Arlo system features like the Arlo outdoor cameras. With Arlo IFTTT, you can set it up so that motion in one area triggers a light in another area and so that those lights trigger the cameras to record. You can imagine the possibilities with that. Not only that, but you can even set it up so if one of these lights is triggered it will send a push notification to your mobile device and have the video of that event stored if you need it later.

The Power of the Arlo Light

Scheduling is a huge part of home security these days. Maybe you don’t really want your lights going on and off during the day or while you just going in and out of your house. Well you’re in luck, with the Arlo lights you can schedule the lights to only be motion activated while you’re away. The Arlo lights also have a lumen sensor built in that will know if it’s dark outside or not and only go off at night by default.

These lights are also brighter than your average security light. At 400 lumens your whole yard will be lit up if someone’s trying to sneak around your property. They also have very long lasting batteries, especially if you only have them trigger at night when there is motion detected.


Hands Free Security Lights

What if you need light in your back yard, but you don’t have your phone on you and you don’t want to have to wave your hands every 30 seconds to keep the light active? Don’t worry; Arlo is completely compatible with Amazon Alexa so turning on your security light is only one voice command away. Not only can you turn them on, but you can also change the colors of the lights even with your voice. Maybe you want to warn someone in the yard by telling Alexa to make your outdoor security light to turn on red. That should warn them!

Arlo and Home Security

So you have your lights all set up with notifications and scheduling, but what about all the other security features you need for complete home security? Don’t worry; you can connect all of your Z-Wave gear to a Protect America system easily, giving you a fully automated and professionally monitored smart home security system. If you’re looking for no-cost up front fully customized security solution, get a free quote with Protect America today!