Netgear’s Arlo Pro calls itself the world’s most advanced 100% wire-free, HD and weatherproof smart home security camera.

This second model of the Arlo is the first weather-proof, outdoor, do-it-yourself camera on the market. Netgear followed up from their original Arlo product just days ago, when they released this product on Oct. 11. 

The Arlo Pro manual doesn’t venture too far away from the original model, but the company believes they have made valuable additions to the product. Just like the Arlo, the Netgear Arlo Pro for sale price comes in a wide variety of different packages, but most people choose to start with the Arlo camera 3 pack. The 3 pack is a great way to secure your home, while at the same time not having to spend a ton of money. Other Arlo Kits include:

Improvements include a rechargeable battery (the original required replaceable batteries), a micro USB charging port, a microphone and speaker for two-way communication, a new base station with a built-in siren and two USB ports, new accessories, including an Arlo Pro solar panel charging station and various stands, and a digital infrared motion sensor, which is a step up from the original Arlo’s analog sensor.

These are all new technical additions, but the Netgear Arlo Pro isn’t drastically different from it’s original model, although the weatherproof and outdoor improvements are useful details that can help separate the Arlo from the rest of the DIY home security pack.


The Product Specs

The Arlo Pro retains the sleek, chrome white, and cylinder design that the original Arlo had. The product can be concealed discreetly, whether that means hiding it in a toddler’s room or on the front porch. Thanks to swivel mounts, you can even place the Arlo Pro in difficult to reach places, like trees, so you can really have a legs up on burglars with a 360 degree view of your home. The Arlo setup is smooth and easy.

The camera is fitted with a 130° field of view, clear HD video, a smart sire, advancements in night vision and activity detection, as well as new software features that are said to enhance the mobile app experience.

It’s ran via a 100% wire-free lithium ion rechargeable battery that is charged by quickly inserting it into the camera or through the optional dual-bay Arlo Pro charging station. If there is an outlet close by, then it can continuously be charged via the AC adapter that’s included as well. The Arlo Pro battery life is said to last four to six months. The four to six month battery time frame is based on viewing the live feed for five minutes a day, and Netgear Arlo Pro only takes two hours to charge.

Other features include instant motion alerts via push notifications on smart apps, two-way talk features, and a passive infrared motion sensor that will detect movement at a range of up to 23 feet. The Arlo siren is 100 decibels and connects via the internet coming from the base station.

Arlo connects with IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings, and other home automation tools. Seven days of free cloud recording is provided by Netgear, and Arlo itself gives free cloud storage. Sound clips can be stored as well. 

For users who want more storage a subscription option is available. Five cameras can be attached with the Arlo for no extra charge, but a subscription is also available for users who would like to go over that limit. 

And in the future Arlo is looking to add smart motion recognition capability. This tool will provide machine learning algorithms in the cloud that allow it to improve how events are reported and captured. If you’re not convinced, you can look at the arlo pro at costco in person and see for yourself.

Arlo Setup

  1. Connect base station to router and connect power
  2. Download the Arlo app
  3. Insert batteries into the cameras
  4. Create an Arlo account
  5. Click new system setup
  6. Select Arlo from the menu
  7. Wait for the app to discover your base station
  8. Follow the on screen instructions
  9. ** Sync only one camera at a time
  10. Bring cameras one meter away from base station before syncing
  11. Press sync button on the side of the base station
  12. Then press sync button on the top of the camera (fast blinking blue means it worked)

Pro not Perfect 

The new Arlo Pro Systems (model VMS4X30) is available now starting at an MRSP in the US of $249.99, and add on cameras (VMC4030) are also available to purchase for $189.99. A two camera system can be bought for $420 and a three camera system rings in at $580.

The original Arlo and Arlo Pro are interchangeable. Existing owners can add the new products to their current base station, or they can even opt to use their old products with the new Arlo base station.

Accessories for the system are sold separately, however. The Arlo Pro charging station is $60, the rechargeable batter is $50, and the skin that protects the camera from outdoor elements is $25. 


The Arlo camera has been well-reviewed, and Netgear is a good brand, but the products are rather pricey. And this large upfront price doesn’t necessarily provide all encompassing home security.

With Arlo you won’t be provided many of the sensors that are necessary for home safety, like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and others. Arlo doesn’t provide live monitoring of your home by professionals either.

Arlo isn’t different from many of the DIY home security products that are currently on the market. These products combine push notifications with smart phone applications and they make live-video streaming quick and convenient, but they don’t substitute for monitored home security.

The proper approach with an Arlo system would be to buy more cameras for fuller coverage, but the more equipment purchased, the more money will be spent.

Netgear Arlo Security System

The truth is that the fabled Netgear Arlo security system is not as all-encompassing as we’re lead to believe. In fact, if your home is only secured with cameras then you are leaving yourself quite vulnerable. On top of that you are in charge of monitoring your home security all by yourself and don’t have any warning if someone is actually trying to break into your house while you are away unless you are actually staring at your video feed.

We suggest opting for a home security offering that provides both monitoring from live professionals with response from emergency officials, and the modern conveniences of home automation and smart app integration. Get a free quote with Protect America today to get complete custom security and full peace of mind.