Crime statistics show that home break-ins are on a slight, but noticeable decline. With that being said, studies performed by the Department of Justice have already revealed that nearly 5,800 homes will be reportedly broken into on a daily basis. Knowing that crime is always lurking right outside the corners of our vision, getting a solid security system in our homes can bring about a gigantic amount of confidence and peace of mind. Today, we are going to focus on one specific home security system: the Arlo Smart Home Security System by Netgear.

Welcome To The World Of Arlo Home Security

There are going to be countless hours wasted by customers as they research which home security system will work best for them. In order to save at least one of them a little bit of time, we’re going to elaborate on the full impact of the Arlo Smart Home Security System. Our review will seek to explain what the system does well and what it doesn’t quite do well enough. Let’s start by taking a close look at the product itself.

Netgear has created a product that is both lightweight and sturdy, blending professional construction with an intimate knowledge of the home security industry.

The Arlo Smart Home Security System looks like it was built and branded by the company Apple. The hardware itself is sleek and pure looking with a white case and sharp black coloring contrasting the exterior. With Arlo, customers are getting a good-looking piece of hardware that will look at home in just about any home around. The physical aesthetics are nice but they are far from the only aspect of the camera that is important.


At a glance, customers will see that the Arlo is a wireless security camera system that is built around a pair of 720p HD video cameras. The basic Arlo Smart Home Security system may only have a pair of cameras, but customers can add as many visual elements as they like. The wireless nature of the system means that these cameras can be placed anywhere in or outside of the home. The Arlo cameras are also waterproof and weatherproof with an IP65 rating for usage outside of the home.

With HD video quality, customers are going to need access to storage. Fortunately, Arlo comes baked in with free storage on the Cloud with enough space for nearly seven days of storage. Usage will change the battery life on these units, so it is always important to keep spare batteries at home.

Finally, the Arlo Smart Home Security System networks via WiFi while additionally offering lit up night vision that can penetrate up to 25 feet into the dark. This is a powerhouse of a unit.

Is The Arlo Home Security System Worth The Price?

When we look at DIY home security systems, we tend to focus on value above features. Fortunately, the Arlo blends value and function into one nice, little package. We found that the Arlo Smart Home Security System had an array of positive features and these are the ones we were most impressed with:

  • Wireless camera system, so long as units are within range of the hub.
  • 850nm Night Vision can reach up to 25 feet.
  • Cloud storage available immediately out of the box.

We found the Arlo Smart Home Security system to be well worth the money.


You Can Count On Protect America To Secure Your Home

There is certainly a time and place for DIY set-ups and closed-monitoring systems like the Arlo Smart Home Security system. With that being said, we also believe in the power of professionally monitored home security services. Knowing that help will be on the way with just a single alert from the security system can be a massive means of self-assurance. There are a wide variety of smart monitoring companies in the industry, but none of them are as effective or affordable as Protect America.

Protect America first opened its doors in 1992 and since then the company has been on an upward trajectory. Protect America blends low monthly rates, starting at just $30, with high-quality equipment that is installed for no extra fee. Protect America promises to price match their products and they even offer locked-in rates, meaning that customers get what they pay for even when rising costs in the industry would otherwise change their bottom line. each free installation comes with up to $1400 worth of equipment, so call today for an estimate!