The constant push of technological advancement has led to more and more home security monitoring systems becoming available on the marketplace. Home security monitoring has been around for decades, dating back to the ’60s, and they’ve only gotten more advanced and effective over time. Many property owners, of both commercial and residential buildings, often will waffle on whether or not home security systems are worth purchasing or even investigating. Due to trends in property crime throughout the nation, there is no time better than now to get on the wagon and pick a home security system. picking a home security system is difficult at first blush and that is why today’s discussion will be centered around the different options available to homeowners.


Purchasing an At Home Security System

The decision to secure an at home security system is a big one for property owners but more than that, it is vital. There are numerous reasons to consider searching for an at home security system and chief among them are safety and peace of mind. There are several different styles of at home security monitoring systems available nowadays, so let’s do the best we can to sort them out and help guide prospective customers toward a solution that fits them.

In 2016 alone there were more than 7.9 million reports of property crime throughout the United States of America. These are only reported crimes and the actual number could be much higher.

When discussing purchasing or setting up an at home security monitoring system, property owners need to take appropriate stock of their property and all of the intricacies involved. While this step feels superfluous, it really isn’t. No two buildings are going to require the exact same security monitoring system and as a result, each system needs to be carefully tailored to the end user. Listed below are several key questions to ask and answer.

  • How big is my home? – Larger homes require more elaborate setups.
  • What kind of network will my security system operate on? – Most home security monitoring systems tap into a landline or wireless internet. There are other options, however.
  • Do I want my security system monitored by external forces? – Property owners have to decide if they want a closed system or an open system which is linked with nearby law enforcement.

After taking some time to properly analyze the aforementioned questions, interested parties can continue on in order to tailor the perfect system for their property.

Selecting The Home Security System

After answering the core questions listed above, property owners now have the opportunity to begin their shopping journey. As we have labored on above, there are now more options than ever for at home security monitoring. There are countless companies offering a variety of different packages that are all rigged up to keep a building and the people within it safe. How does a property owner push through all of these options? First, they prioritize what is important to them.

When looking for a security company, industry clout is incredibly important. Look for a company that has been in the industry for a long time. Companies like ADT and Protect America are two companies that have been successfully supplying their customers with high-end home security monitoring that fits their needs and keeps their property protected and safe.


Next, prospective customers need to look for a company that offers them flexibility in terms of the set up of the secured monitoring system. Many companies will charge an arm and a leg to set up the security system with their professional technicians physically on site. Some security companies offer a DIY package that is easy to assemble and easier to set up. Protect America offers a DIY set up package replete with tech support on the phone throughout the process.

Finally, customers need to decide how much they are willing to pay for a monthly subscription. This monthly subscription goes toward maintaining an outbound secure line that alerts nearby LEO to any potential crimes happening on the property. This is an important aspect but it is still not one that should be enormously expensive.

Securing Your Home With Protect America

Ultimately, when searching for a secured monitoring system there are very few companies that can provide as much as Protect America. Call in for a free consultation and quote and start taking home security seriously.