Atlas Home Security is a family-owned and operated security firm that is located in Springfield, Missouri. The company has been designing, installing, monitoring and maintaining its own security systems for residential and business clients in Southwest Missouri since 1962. Atlas brings a personal touch to home and commercial security. While its approach to business in the Ozarks seems old-hat, the company keeps up with the times through technology refreshes as well as new equipment and service offerings. Atlas most noticeably differentiates itself from other home security firms by its lack of pre-packaged security plans. Realizing that everyone’s property and security needs are different, Atlas provides completely custom security and building automation solutions to its local clients. Here’s what you can expect from its security and automation systems for residences and businesses.


Atlas Security for Residences

Peace of mind for Atlas Security’s residential clients begins with a thorough evaluation of your lifestyle, home layout and an understanding of what’s important to you. The Atlas team then designs a smart home security system that meets your current needs, fits your budget and is scalable for the future. Currently, the company delivers wireless security solutions that are based on industry-standard, Z-wave technology. Common components of these systems include:

  • Motion detectors
  • Window sensors
  • Door sensors
  • Interactive, touchscreen control panel
  • Robust software for remote access and control

Customers can expand the capabilities of their security systems with devices that are priced and available online for purchase. Some of the most popular add-on pieces of equipment are indoor and outdoor video cameras, smoke detectors, smart plugs for automated control of lights and appliances, keyless entry door locks and smart home thermostats. Special medical alert appliances are often incorporated into Atlas home security systems for its elderly and disabled customers, who can obtain help during medical emergencies with just the push of a button.

Atlas Security for Businesses

Atlas takes the same care with its business clients as it does with its residential neighbors. In fact, commercial security systems offer opportunities for the Atlas team to let their industry knowledge and expertise really shine. The company’s security professionals offer free consultations and risk evaluations after conducting walkthroughs of clients’ facilities. Atlas commercial security systems focus on protecting the lives of your employees, preventing loss of your business inventory and implementing money-saving energy management protocols.

Motion detectors, window and door sensors, smoke detectors and high-resolution video surveillance cameras are the common appliances that are included in Atlas business security packages. These devices are placed within strategic zones in buildings to maximize employee safety and theft deterrence. The incorporation of programmable thermostats and lights help to manage energy consumption and control costs. Atlas commercial security systems can be connected to the company’s local area network and has cellular backup functionality to ensure continued communication even during network outages. The entire system can be placed under the control of your facility manager through the Atlas security software that is compatible with most Apple and Android mobile devices.

Atlas Security Pros and Cons

Atlas utilizes mostly off-the-shelf (OTS) security equipment for its systems. Those devices are usually less expensive and easier to install than others. The company offers professional installation and maintenance for its systems, which generally consist of wireless equipment. This can be considered a plus since these flexible systems allow you to pick up and reposition low-profile video cameras within your home to adapt to changing security needs. Atlas home security systems accommodate up to six security cameras.

A key advantage of Atlas security systems for homes and businesses is its monitoring service. While it’s possible to self-monitor your security system through your smartphone, it’s not a good idea according to home security professional Chris Currie at Damar Security Systems. He said the following about self-monitoring,

With a self-monitored security system, the notification that something has occurred is going to be sent to your smartphone. Okay, that’s great. You’ve just received a notification that something abnormal is occurring in your residence in London, Ontario and you’re on vacation in Florida – now what are you supposed to do?

Over the years, Atlas has trained and maintained a cadre of security monitors at its local call center who meet The Monitoring Association’s Five-Diamond certification standards. They’re on standby 24 hours a day to quickly respond to security anomalies in your home or business even when you’re asleep or your smartphone battery is dead.

While Atlas Security enjoys a solid reputation in its local market, its limited service area may be the one drawback of acquiring an Atlas home security system. Since the company’s services are only offered in Missouri’s Ozark region, it may not be a good option for customers who anticipate moving out of the area.


Final Thoughts

At Protect America, we offer first-class security equipment, installation support and monitoring services for clients throughout the United States. We focus on being the best in class for residential security and have plenty of accolades from industry experts and satisfied customers as proof of our success. Contact us when you’re ready to explore the latest in smart home security solutions for your home.