With several massive telecom companies tapping into the home security industry, it’s no surprise to see AT&T Digital Life emerge on the market. AT&T Digital Life is a home security option that was only released by AT&T in 2012. Choosing a company with more experience in the home security industry is generally better. During the last few years, AT&T’s Digital Life home security option has spread across the US and is now available in many but not all states. The AT&T home security system is sourced from several manufacturers and is then branded under the AT&T name.


How Reliable is a Security System from a Telecom Company?

It’s important to note that AT&T Digital Life is IP-based, meaning their devices rely on a vulnerable Internet connection. This is a lot less trustworthy than a higher ranked competitor such as Protect America’s option for cellular monitoring platform. Also, Digital Life does not offer convenient DIY installations. They ask customers to set aside at least four hours out of their day to be present while technicians come to install the system. This includes installation/equipment fees starting at $149.99 not including your monthly monitoring bills.

More on Pricing

AT&T Digital Life costs more than the average home security system. They offer two packages, “Simple” and “Smart”. Their base package starts at about $30 a month, plus $149.99 in installation fees. Also note that with Digital Life’s base package, there are no home automation options. In their Smart package, home automation is added to what is offered in the Simple package for about $40 a month and the same $150 installation fee.

Let’s Break it Down

These additional automation costs can add up:

  • $5 a month for appliance controls
  • $5 a month for door controls
  • $10 a month for water controls
  • $10 a month for cameras

On top of that, you will pay for additional equipment and installation fees that range between $100 – $200. If you wanted to get the full home automation with all the bells and whistles, your total equipment costs would be about $1000 not including monthly monitoring or monthly equipment charges. However, Protect America saves you money by offering equipment free of cost.

Consider choosing a home security company that actually specializes in home security such as Protect America. It seems like AT&T is trying to appeal to the masses by giving themselves more control over your life in the convenience appeal of one monthly bill. Considering the relationship you have with your phone and cable company. The idea of this can be unsettling.

Bail on the Sale

According to this publication, AT&T is pushing their sales strategies to integrate the new system into the market by “adding door-knocking to its range of selling techniques, said Kevin Petersen, senior vice president, Digital Life, AT&T Mobility.” The thought of even more door-to-door salespeople soliciting your neighborhood for alarm customers is disconcerting. Nobody likes being interrupted in the middle of your day by a door-to-door salesperson – (unless perhaps it’s a girl scout!)


This customer was particularly upset about the system, stating,

Biggest mistake I ever made. Nothing but problems since installed. Obviously not ready to be put out to the public. Shuts down all the time and no one knows how to fix it.

Another recent customer reported,

I have never experienced such awful customer service. It was so bad I am canceling all my AT&T phone and U-Verse services and will not be going back to AT&T ever despite being a long time customer. The system has had all kinds of “offline” issues and customer service can never help.

The Digital Life packages are still new and have been experiencing growing pains. This is understandable, considering home security is unrelated to AT&T’s current business. AT&T ‘s entry into the alarm industry may prove to be one more company out of its depth in trying to provide actual peace of mind.