Home Security in America has grown substantially in recent years, and do-it-yourself installations have greatly contributed to the growth. Another valuable contributing factor is the evolution of wireless technologies that continue to be the primary choice for homeowners. Homeowners want remote security monitoring for convenience, as well as home automation for complete control of their home, while away.

Wireless remote security systems and home automation provide greater assurance that the property is well protected at all times. According to Forbes, there is an upswing in manufacturers making their devices platform-agnostic, which simply means the devices are able to be integrated. This is great news for home security customers, especially for do-it-yourself installations!

An Expansion of Wireless Possibilities for Home Security

An AT&T Home Alarm System, also known as Digital Life, is user-friendly with its advanced wireless equipment. The company has contributed to the home security industry immensely with its wireless and home automation systems. AT&T has a really good understanding of what it takes for homeowners to feel safe in their homes, as well as connecting all facets of their home together. Digitial Life is an all-digital security system that allows homeowners to customize their wireless home management system to their specifications.

With remote access, homeowners can manage all aspects of their home security system by using a password-protected AT&T app. They can also set up the system to receive text message notifications while away from the home, such as notification for an opened window or even if there is a leak at home. Thinking about monitored home security? Get a no-obligation free quote from Protect America while deciding!


Consumers Digest has awarded Protect America the Best Buy Award nine times 98% of recently surveyed customers have reported their overall satisfaction with their experience.

AT&T Home Alarm System Plans and Equipment to Explore

Customers can choose between three home security systems and can be installed by AT&T technicians.

A Smart Security System includes the following wireless equipment:

  • Remote Access
  • A Wireless Keypad
  • Two Recessed Sensors
  • Four Contact Sensors
  • One Indoor Alarm Siron

The price for this plan is $29.99. However, there is also a $49.99 one-time fee assessed by AT&T for the “free” equipment.

When a customer chooses Smart Security with Home Automation, they receive everything above, in addition to an outdoor camera, a push button door lock, as well as three additional contact sensors. The one-time $49.99 equipment fee still applies. The price for this plan is $54.99.

The Premium Security and Home Automation plan is the top of the line. For $64.99, and a one-time equipment fee of $99.99, customers can receive the same “free” equipment; however, they also receive energy and water detection packages, which includes the following equipment:

  • A Smart Thermostat
  • Two Indoor Smart Plugs
  • Water and Temperature Sensors (3)
  • One Smoke Sensor
  • One Glass Break Sensor
  • One Carbon Monoxide Sensor


Customization Packages

If any of the plans are not sufficient, customers are able to build a package and add the specific equipment they need. Add-ons are as low as $4.99. AT&T offers four Digital Life custom packages:

  • Camera Package
  • Energy Package
  • Door Package
  • Water Detection Package

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