Aura Home security takes a different approach to most home security options. The system uses wireless technology to detect motion inside your home.

Aura got the interest of people who don’t want security cameras inside their home for privacy reasons. The Aura system operates inside your home using one wireless hub and a sensor.

The hub and sensor should be placed at opposite ends of your home. Together they generate wireless signals in an oval pattern.

When someone or something disrupts the wireless coverage zone, Aura’s system generates a motion alert. The system uses geofencing to arm and disarm itself based on your location. Aura also works with other IFTTT (If This Then That) devices.


The Aura system is designed to:

  • Let you monitor your home through your smartphone.
  • Detect where and when motion occurs.
  • Notify you when family members arrive or leave.
  • Alert you via your smartphone when motion is detected.

This is how Aura works, but there are three things you should know if you’re interested in the Aura home security solution.

Aura Works Best For Small Residences

The Aura system consists of the single rectangular hub and the wireless signal sensor. The two devices form an oval or elliptical zone that can detect motion.

If someone enters your home behind the hub or in any other area outside the elliptical zone, the system won’t detect them.

Aura’s reliable broadcasting range is a modest 50 feet. Between 50 and 100 feet, coverage is possible, but not 100 percent reliable. Aura won’t work on multiple floors and covers about 700 square feet: not enough area to protect a medium-sized or large home.

You Need to Install Cameras to See Who or What Has Triggered an Aura Alarm

The “camera free” approach of the Aura system has a drawback. You can use the system’s geofencing feature to detect if family members or friends have entered your home.

You need to install a separate, third-party camera if you want to see an intruder. If you want to see if an animal is entering, the same is true. All the Aura system does is notify you whether or not motion has been detected.

Aura Has Limited Expansion and Monitoring Capabilities

Aura comes with a mobile monitoring portal which provides alerts and information. You can view live, twelve-hour, and weekly timelines.

You can’t adjust the system’s sensitivity from the mobile app or enable IFTTT operability. You need to use the system’s web-based portal in order to perform these functions.

Aura has been through test runs with home security experts. Some of them found that it had quick and easy set-up. Reviewers also noted the system’s price: a hefty $500 for the hub and sensor.


With some home security camera systems taking up to half an hour to install a single camera, Aura’s “plug and play” approach could be appealing. Your time is worth a lot, but it might not be worth Aura’s price.

People who installed the Aura home security system ended up installing cameras to provide additional information the wireless-based system can’t provide on its own. Although Aura system testers discovered it was easy and even fun to use, they required more functionality.

Aura is also an unmonitored system. If Aura detects motion and you’ve hooked it up to a third-party device and can see an intruder inside your home, you are still responsible for notifying the authorities. If you’re interested in monitored home security that doesn’t carry Aura’s high price tag and will cover your entire home, contact Protect America for a no-cost quote.