If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the wide range of options available for home security in 2018, look no further! We’ve reviewed our best products, listened to our customers and scoured the internet just to give you a comprehensive overview of home security costs for the coming year. The new technology and options that are hitting the market really provide valuable security for your home, but there are some cost and functionality differences to keep in mind before you shop. No matter what type or size of home security system you need, you can always trust that the professionals at Protect America have your best interests in mind.


Security in the Cloud

Cloud-based software is a strong trend in home security, providing ways valuable benefits such as improved speed, more accurate responses and better overall customer experiences. The automation options alone are enough to entice many consumers to make a switch to cloud security, with benefits such as:

  • Ability to connect your home devices to your security system
  • Remote and mobile management of your system
  • Reduced requirement for telephone land lines
  • Inexpensive alarm monitoring
  • Self-install solutions

These options and more are driving a renewed interest in home security monitoring for homeowners, as it becomes easier and less costly to ensure that your home and family are safe even when you’re not physically present.

Enhanced Home Automation

Many homeowners cite one particular advantage as the reason they decided to make a leap: an enhancement to their current home automation. As smart devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) advances and becomes much more user-friendly, home security becomes a much more prevalent and cost-effective way to bring a variety of platforms together in one. What’s better is that many of these systems are nearly platform agnostic for smartphone users: they don’t care whether you have an iPhone or Android device, as there are apps that work with either of these major platforms and all carriers. A plethora of home automation tools integrate successfully with your home security systems, too.

Home security systems today integrate with smart phones to control everything from lights and entry points to the temperature of your home.

Even while the functionality of your home security system continues to be expanded, don’t expect to see costs do the same. The home security market is relatively competitive in 2018, and vendors are more open to providing options for DIY installation than ever before. This benefits the homeowner by allowing you to bypass start-up fees and do some of the core work yourself. Of course, not everyone is comfortable with that option and would prefer to have installation completed by a professional — which is always an option.


Buying Smart Devices for Your Home

Another key trend in home security for 2018 is the ability to buy all of your smart devices from your home security company. Not sure what type of temperature control product works with your new security platform? No problem! Many security companies make recommendations for partners and even sell the devices themselves. With so many homeowners crunched for time, this ability to be a one-stop shop can be a true boon and save a great deal of frustration and research. You may be seeing new devices coming into the market on a regular basis, and wonder if buying one will lock you into something that will have limited functionality in the future. Fortunately, many home security options provide you with the ability to rent or lease auxiliary products and services so you can get upgrades when you need them. See some of the top home security systems as recommended by Digital Trends magazine here.

Are you ready to learn more about which home security system is right for your unique needs? Check out the Protect America blog where we rate the latest and greatest in home security options for 2018. You won’t need to look anywhere else for the information that you need to make a great decision. Ready to learn more? Contact the friendly and knowledgeable professionals at Protect America today at 1-800-951-5190 or visit us online at ProtectAmerica.com.