Having the right security protection matters, and one of the ways that can be done for nearly every homeowner is to have a monitored security and alarm system. That can provide peace of mind — and can also mean true protection from a break-in, fire, or other serious problem. Even good neighborhoods can have break-ins and related issues, and homeowners with alarm systems generally get breaks on their insurance rates, as well. But which home protection company should a homeowner choose? One of the options is Beacon Protection.


What Beacon Protection Offers

There are a number of great things most people expect from their security company, such as:

  • monitoring on a 24/7 basis
  • A quick, reliable response to issues
  • Quality equipment
  • A fair price for services
  • Professional installation

Getting all of that with Beacon Protection can help a homeowner appreciate all that the company offers, and feel safe and comfortable in their home.

Whether a homeowner has lived in their house for years or are moving into a new neighborhood, having a security company that can be relied on is one of the best ways to enjoy living in a particular area without worry.

But how much will this worry-free life cost? That depends on the actual plan chosen and the homeowner’s complete needs.

The Price of Beacon Protection

Like many other security companies, the price of protection will vary based on what the homeowner chooses, the size of the house, and other factors. A small home with a basic alarm system will not be as expensive to monitor as a much larger home with extra sensors and other things included. Because of that, it’s very important for a homeowner to work with a company that can guide them toward the right system. The price of protection should not be the deciding factor. But it definitely matters, and homeowners can expect to pay from around $25 to over $40 per month for protection and security services from Beacon.


Get the Right Company the First Time

Beacon Protection is just one of many companies available to homeowners who want monitored security services. There are other options, and whether they are a better choice than Beacon will depend on several factors the homeowner will want to consider. With a list of needs and wants, any homeowner can talk to security companies and find the one that’s going to offer them the quality and service they need for a price that’s good for their budget. Many companies charge similar rates, but they may offer more or less for that price. That affects the value the homeowner is getting, which has to be considered when making a final decision on a security company.

Want to find out more about monitored home security? Interested in getting a system and plan that will work for the house and meet the needs of the occupants? Then it’s time to get a free quote from Protect America.