Reading customer reviews of a monitoring company is very important, because it gives a homeowner a good idea of whether they want to use that company or not. But reviews aren’t everything, and they shouldn’t be the only thing a person looks at when it comes to a home security company. Still, they can provide a lot of valuable information about the company, and some reviews are very detailed — they give a lot of insight to a homeowner who may be wondering if a company like Beacon Protection is the right choice. It’s certainly possible that the company will be a great choice, but it’s also possible that it’s not the right fit. Reviews are a great way to see about that.


Customers Who Are Happy With Beacon Protection

Beacon Protection is a relatively popular company, and a lot of people seem to like it. Overall what customers appreciate the most is that Beacon offers them a good value for the money.

Customers like the price and the reliability, and they also like that the response times are fast and that customer service is responsive to their needs. They want to have a company they can trust on their side, and Beacon Protection seems to fit that bill for a lot of the customers that use their service.

That’s good news for the company, because it needs to keep a strong customer base and also bring in new homeowners if it’s going to remain successful and compete with other companies, too. There’s a lot of competition in the monitored security sector, so companies have to keep up.

Customers Who Have Problems With Beacon Protection

Like any home security company, Beacon Protection has customers that aren’t happy. There are also people who are no longer customers of the company for various reasons. The main reason for people leaving the company is the contract — people don’t like its length, and they don’t like how difficult and expensive it is to cancel. Both of those are valid complaints for the homeowners who make them. Some homeowners also complain about the equipment the company offers, and are concerned that it’s outdated in some cases or that it may not be that reliable. Most people don’t seem to complain about that issue.


Maybe It’s Time for Another Monitored Security Company

For people who aren’t happy with Beacon Protection or who have left that company, there are many other options. When choosing a new company, homeowners should be focused on looking for:

  • ease of installation
  • good customer service
  • 24/7 monitoring capabilities
  • reliable protection
  • quality equipment

It’s important that a homeowner feel good about the company they contract with to protect their home, because not every company will do as good of a job as a competitor. The price also matters, since some companies charge much more than others. It’s vital that a homeowner take the time to find the right company, so they can have peace of mind in their home.

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