BeOn home security light bulbs are an innovative idea that has gained a lot of attention in the past couple months. It is a crowd-sourced project on Kickstarter. The BeOn project is currently in its final hours of crowd-sourcing. However, they have met and exceeded their pledged goal of $100,000 for production. While they are marketed to act as your home security system, these light bulbs will not actually help you in the event of a burglary. BeOn bulbs are definitely a way to deter burglars, then again so is having a fake surveillance camera. Both devices will most likely scare a skittish criminal. However, when it comes down to safety and protection, home security isn’t complete without a system.


Watt’s It All About?

You’re probably wondering what these smart bulbs can do. BeOn light bulbs learn your habits by observing the way you use lights over a period of a couple weeks. Then, when you leave the house, these light bulbs will emulate the patterns it previously observed by making it appear as if someone is home. This is where security comes into play. Not only will these bulbs mimic your lighting patterns, but they also listen for certain events such as a doorbell ringing. Sometimes burglars test to see if anyone is home by ringing the doorbell. If a doorbell rings, the lights will respond by lighting up the room, thus making it seem like someone is home. The bulbs will keep your lights on during a power outage, light up when your smoke alarms go off, and fade to dark when you turn them off. They save energy and can be controlled with your smart phone. In the future, the BeOn team is planning on releasing light bulbs that also react with sound, making it seem even more like the house is occupied. They offer the bulbs in standard and recessed lighting modules.

Pricing and Packages

BeOn light bulbs are currently being pledged on Kickstarter in multiples of three.

  • Each 3 pack of standard bulbs run for about $240 and is suggested for small homes and apartments up to 1,500 sq. feet
  • Each 6 pack of standard bulbs run for $475 and is suggested for homes about 2,500 sq. feet in size
  • Each 9 pack of standard bulbs run for about $700 and is suggested for larges homes about 3,00 sq. feet in size

Recessed bulbs cost slightly more than standard ones. They come in the same bundle style for the same dwelling size. However, remember that BeOn is very new to the market. Can you really trust a crowd-funded security system? These light bulbs haven’t even been tested by consumers yet. Consider a home security solution with more experience and reliability. While Protect America has been in business for over 20 years, BeOn bulbs won’t even ship until mid-2015Who’s protecting your home in the mean time?


Why Do They Leave You Vulnerable?

BeOn bulbs are definitely going to deter burglars on some level. However, when it comes down to your actual safety, an unmonitored device like BeOn is only just a deterrent. Don’t you want something that will stop a burglar instead? Without sensors to check when your doors and windows are opening, someone could sneak into your home with the intention of causing you harm. The lightbulbs won’t be able to help you in that type of scenario. The only way you can have complete peace of mind with home security is opting for a monitored home security system like the ones provided by Protect America. Professionally monitored systems will know the moment an intruder tries to enter your home. Not only will a home security system notify you, it will also notify the police after assessing the situation. This can save you precious moments in the event of a burglary.

While BeOn bulbs make a point to be more affordable than many home security companies, there are still affordable traditional security options out there. For example, Protect America will monitor your home for as low as $19.99 a month. With purchase of monitoring, you’ll get free equipment to cover your home, a lifetime warranty, locked-in rates, and the peace of mind you’ve been looking for. Ideally, you could use BeOn alongside a home security system for optimum security. BeOn bulbs seem like a great idea. However, until there is more consumer feedback out there, and perhaps an option for monitoring…we’ll stick to trusting traditional home security systems. Consider Protect America today!