Installing a CO detector is one of the most reliable way to protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning. We’ll cover what the best detector has to offer and include two contenders so that you will see why it ranked #1.


Nest Protect

Rated Number One on safewise, the Nest Protect features state-of-the-art sensors that detects smoke and carbon monoxide emissions. This alarm offers many features, which include:

Home Automation:

Nest Protect comes with an app that alerts to you any leaks, wherever you are. The app allows you to silence the alarm from your smartphone.

Two-In-One Protection:

Not only will it alert you if it detects smoke, but it will tell you exactly where the fire started.

Battery or Hard-Wire Operation:

You can choose whether you want to connect Nest Protect to your electrical system or use traditional battery operation.

Voice Notification:

Instead of receiving a jarring wail or beep, a human voice will tell you that you are in danger.

Tests Itself:

Ideally, you should test your smoke alarms monthly to make sure that they are working properly. Since most of us don’t, the Nest Protect comes with a self-diagnostic feature that checks its sensors and batteries over 400 times per day.


Nest Protect lights up when you walk underneath it. This feature is very convenient if you need to get up in the middle of the night without disturbing your family.

Family Accounts:

This allows each member of your family to have their own Nest Account. You can set up your own password and use your smartphone to test and hush alarms. You’ll also receive an alert on your phone if an emergency occurs at home while you are away.

Compatible Products:

Pairs with Nest Thermostat. In the event of a carbon monoxide leak or a fire, Nest Protect will tell Nest Thermostat to turn off the heat to keep the hazard localized.

Does it Work?

Nest protect is very effective at detecting carbon monoxide and will warn you far before it becomes dangerous. Reading Consumer reports you can find examples of it helping people.

“it let us know 2/2018 carbon monoxide was leaking in our home in the middle of the night-we were so grateful because it was happening on the 2 lower floors but it alerted us on the upper floors and told us that “the carbon monoxide levels are Rising” “the carbon monoxide levels are getting worse” ” carbon monoxide levels are at extremely dangerous and gave us directives to ” move to Fresh Air immediately”. — Amazon Reviewer

They go on to say that the carbon monoxide levels were extremely dangerous and if they didn’t have Nest Protect then they could have been in some serious trouble. It’s reviews like the above that make the $99 price tag worth the investment.

Runner Up Detectors

  • First Alert Onelink: Like the Nest Protect, it doubles as a smoke alarm. It offers a 10-year battery. Once that dies, you’ll have to replace the alarm. Works with Apple’s HomeKit technology.
  • Kidde Nighthawk Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Alarm: This unit is very easy to use and comes with a 9-volt battery backup that keeps it running during power outages. While it detects both low and high levels of carbon monoxide, its display accuracy is not as good as the Nest Protect or the First Alert.


Where to Install Your Detector

You should place a carbon monoxide detector outside every bedroom in your home. That way, you’ll hear the alarm, should it go off while you sleep. Placing one in your kitchen, basement and attached garage is also a good idea.

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