Everybody wants to keep their homes and families protected. Unfortunately, the majority of people cannot stay in their homes 24/7 and even if they could, that does not ensure that they will be safe. A monitored home security system from a reputable company such as Protect America can help

A game camera — aka trail cam — can help with monitoring of outdoor areas.

These sturdy, weather resistant cameras are often cheaper than those marketed for home security. Yet they provide the same level of surveillance to guard your property … twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

However, getting the right camera is the difference between vulnerability and true home security.

Game Cameras for Home Security

It is important to remember that not all game cameras are appropriate for use in home surveillance. For instance, cameras with a flash or other visible light will alert intruders to the fact that they are being surveilled which will then allow them to circumvent that surveillance.

Here are the top three game cameras for use in home surveillance according to both GameCameraWorld.com, ReloaderAddict.com, and others in the know.

Stealth Cam P18 7 Megapixel Compact Scouting Camera

This affordable little gem rings in as less than one hundred dollars. Affordable but not cheap, this game camera boasts a 60-foot field of view, 7-megapixel resolution, and several other desirable features such as:

  • Rapid-Fire Burst Mode that when triggered can shoot up to six images.
  • Eighteen infrared light emitters to see without being seen, even in the dark.
  • An energy-efficient design that utilizes eight AA batteries.
  • Camouflage exterior so it can see intruders without being seen.
  • Four gigabytes of storage via insertable SD card.
  • Ability to download photos quickly and easily via a miniature USB output.
  • Quick, simple programming through their EZ Dial programming.

Browning Strike Force Sub Micro Game Camera

Another stellar choice that comes in at slightly more than one hundred dollars. With a 100-foot field of view, 10 megapixels of resolution, and advanced features that include:

  • A lightning-quick trigger time of roughly 0.7 seconds.
  • High-definition videos of up to two minutes long.
  • Sturdy design that will last regardless of elements.
  • Energy efficient design that employs six AA batteries.
  • Additional timelapse viewer software.

Amcrest ATC-801 HD Game and Trail Hunting Camera

This handy little game camera is under one hundred dollars but is certainly not cheap. It offers a 100-foot field of view, 8 megapixels or resolution, and outstanding features such as:

  • Infrared motion sensors and lighting to capture clear videos and still photos even in the dark.
  • One-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Sensitive sensors to trigger easily from the maximum field of view (100 feet).

“Excellent purchase. Great design, easy setup, product manual explains everything nicely and concisely. The little remote control won’t get lost because it is stored inside the unit. To have a decent display built into this device, at this price, is unheard of. Believe it or not, I’m not a hunter. I’m needing to find out exactly how an “Einstein” rat is getting into my house. It only visits occasionally. Using this along with a wireless driveway alarm will tell me everything I need to know for the completion of the… well, you know… solution.” –- D. N Johnston TrailCamReviews.net

Wrapping It Up

Protecting one’s home and family does not need to be difficult or expensive. These trail cameras provide sturdy outdoors surveillance without breaking the bank.

With features that make taking video and still pictures clearly from a distance and in the dark, they give homeowners the reassurance that their valuables are being watched over when they cannot be home. Also, in the event that some unfortunate event befalls your property, these cameras will provide the valuable evidence needed to make insurance claims and police reports.

These game cameras would make an excellent addition to any home security system. For a monitored home security system that is just as affordable, contact Protect America. Their packages start at just $19.99 a month and include free equipment that bears a lifetime warranty. Check it out today!