The field of home security has endured dramatic changes over the years. From old school cameras and bare-bones audio recording to HD systems with professional monitoring today. Homeowners looking to maximize the security of their home now have the opportunity to install systems that can keep them safe in a number of different ways without ever breaking the bank. Let’s go ahead and look over some interesting trends to pay attention to in the field of home security.

Home Alarm Trends To Pay Attention To

While home security systems are more affordable than ever, that still doesn’t mean that everyone is buying them. In fact, the numbers show that the vast majority of people have simply looked past adding a home security system to their residence. With that being said, we feel like this is an oversight on their part. Listed below, potential customers will find a trio of exciting trends for 2019 that may make it worth it to buy a new security system soon!

According to research compiled by the Department of Justice, only 17% of all homes in the United States are outfitted with a home security system.

  • Wireless Technology – In 2019, we feel like there will be a huge push toward completely wireless technology. This means that many security companies are going to move away from having wired options as their primary business model.
  • Alternative Networking – The vast majority of home security systems are either hardwired in through a phone line or operating by way of WiFi. We believe that more networking options are going to become normalized in 2019. Other options include Zigbee and Z-Wave for a start.
  • Improved Video Cameras – Finally, we think that more home security video cameras are going to make the jump in quality. Right now, the vast majority of systems are operating at 720p or under. The smaller the size captured by the camera, the less detail there is to utilize. We are getting closer and closer to making 4K cameras the norm.

Our Favorite Home Alarm Systems

With the exciting trends we listed above around the corner, now is the perfect time to consider jumping into the field of home security. Home security systems are affordable and effective in ways that old systems just cannot compete with. We highly suggest looking into some of the best companies around in order to consider getting on the home security wagon. The most common and popular companies include Vivint, ADT and Protect America.

Protect America Is Your Home Security Solution

There has never been a better time to consider installing a home security system. Thanks to technological advances and the hard work done by companies like Protect America, home security systems are more effective and affordable than ever. With that being said, many home security companies try to over-charge their customers’ thanks to outdated information. Don’t be fooled! Home security doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, professionally monitored home security can be as affordable as $30 per month from Protect America.

Founded in 1992, Protect America has become the 14th largest home security company in the nation. Furthermore, Protect America specializes in affordable, effective, professionally monitored home security systems. With more than $1,400 in free equipment and do-it-yourself installation, Protect America is here to help. Give them a call today in order to talk to a representative about a personalized home security estimate!