Are you looking to outfit your home with some high-tech security camera technology? 2016 has brought us a wide array of choices for modern home security. We’ve done the research for you this week to help you install only the best technologies for watching over your home.



When it comes to outdoor cameras, sometimes less conspicuous cameras are better than obvious ones. They are more aesthetically pleasing, and they are harder to avoid by burglars. Working in tandem with a home security yard sign, having a hidden outdoor camera on your home can really take advantage of both deterrence and discrete recording.

Kuna is a clever solution because it is disguised as a beautiful porchlight. Because porchlights already exist on most homes, many homeowners will find that this is an easy way to install the light and camera, since you just need to switch it out; the power and wiring is already all there.

In addition to being beautiful, it is also quite functional. It is connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network so that you can watch Kuna’s video recordings wherever you are. However, you might want to check how strong your connection is from your porch, since most Wi-Fi networks are optimized for users inside the home.

The camera records in 720p and comes with a speaker, microphone, motion detector, and siren. It automatically starts recording as soon as it senses someone coming towards your door. Kuna will send you a notification, and you can view the guest on your phone. Then, you can speak to them through the speaker and microphone. You can also play a prerecorded message. If you recognize them as a threat, you can sound the alarm, scaring them away.

There is an option to buy a cloud storage subscription that will store recorded videos in the cloud; otherwise, the Kuna will only store videos for 2 hours after they are recorded.


Another good tool to have for your smarthome is the SkyBell. It features a sleek, rounded design that replaces your doorbell. It is equipped with a camera so that you can check on your doorstep whenever someone approaches. Honestly, this is great for everyday utility, allowing you to check who’s outside without approaching the door, opening it, or peeking through a window.

This camera also comes with a mobile app that allows you to watch your front porch from youe phone, no matter where you are. It connects with you Wi-Fi network to send you notifications. Through the app, you can watch SkyBell’s camera feed in 1080p live streaming, even in low light. You can record, review, and download clips for free.

If you have other home automation systems in place already, SkyBell will work with them seamlessly, since it integrates with Alexa, IFTTT, and Nest Cam.

Unfortunately, installation of SkyBell may be problematic for some homeowners, since your door frame must be at least 3 inches wide to accommodate the 2.9” wide doorbell. Furthermore, it works best with traditional mechanical chimes. It comes with an adapter for digital chimes, but it takes a little extra effort during installation.


Protect America Indoor Camera

Unfortunately, not all intruders will choose the front door to enter your home. For surveillance of the inside of your home, it’s best to have a camera that is hooked up to your home security system. That way, once your perimeter is breached, the camera knows to start recording immediately.

Protect America’s indoor security camera records in a variety of settings. It sends high quality live video streams to your phone no matter where you are. The Protect America home security system sends you notifications any time a door or window is opened while you are away or if any motion is detected within the home. You can easily transition from reading the notification to opening up your live stream within the same app.

Keep your home under careful watch this year with all these modern home security camera solutions in 2016!