ranks the top home security companies in the United States and has ranked Protect America as the number one home security company! With an expert score of 9.6 and a user score of 9.3, Protect America is ranked above other top home security companies such as LifeShield and ADT.

With over 20 years of experience and honest dedication to its customers, Protect America offers wireless home security systems throughout United States and Canada. They offer DIY home security systems with expert technicians to help install your home security system over the phone at no cost. The easy set-up and installation process gives customers the freedom to learn how their home security system works. With such an easy set up and easy to use security features, Protect America has made it easy to take your home security system with you. What other home security company will let you just unplug your system and take it with you if you move?

Along with all the great features of Protect America’s home security equipment, customers chose the company for its great prices. With a base package starting at 19.99, Protect America has made it easy for anyone to afford a home security system. Whether you have a small apartment, mid-size home, or 3 story house; Protect America can customize any home security package just for you.

With crime being a reality for all, it’s good to be prepared for any circumstance. To learn more about Protect America and to get a free home security system, fill out the form on the right or call the phone number at the top of the page for a free quote.