You’ve heard about the best smart bulbs and smart thermostats but what about the best smart fans? In an effort to raise the IQ of an entire house, smart fans are the next phase in house-hold home automation. Fans are a great tool for cooling a room because they may not offer a drastic control of a room’s temperature but they are a much more cost effective utility.

A central air conditioning unit consumes about 3 kiloWatts and costs about 36 cents per hour, while running a fan only consumes at 30 Watts which is the equivalent to only a cent per hour.

To keep a room at the preferred temperature while being cost efficient, a smart fan that is linked to a smart thermostat has a huge impact. If you tell the thermostat what temperature you want a room to be, it will adjust the fan accordingly to help with gradual temperature changes that will save you money in the long run. For every degree raised by a fan, you save your AC compressor by 10%, reducing your total energy consumption.

Haiku Home L Series

In terms of smart fan sophistication, Haiku is leading the pack and their L Series is a marvel. Haiku fans have won more than 60 international design and technology awards, including recognition from ENERGY STAR, Popular Science, Interior Design, CES and A’Design. You can take control of the L Series with either a remote, app on a mobile device or voice command with Amazon Echo. The LED light uses about half the energy on an incandescent bulb with twice the light and a longer life. Silent, durable and sleek, the Haiku L Series is the Rolls-Royce of smart fans in 2018.

Hunter Apache

The only ceiling fan that is compatible with Apple’s HomeKit ceiling fan, Hunter has helped push the smart fan industry forward. While Apache is their top model, Hunter offers two other smart fans, the Symphony and the Signal. The Hunter line also is able to connect to any mobile device, including Android, and an Amazon Echo as well. While it may not look quite as sleek as the Haiku, the Hunter Apache strives in its diversity of platforms its compatible with and is especially useful for Apple users.


If you already have a ceiling fan with a remote control but feel like it’s just no quite smart enough, this device can help. Bond works with Wi-Fi to rebroadcast both IR and RF signals from your remote. In short, it turns your smart phone into the remote for the ceiling fan. You can also connect it with an Amazon Echo to allow for voice control. Although it’s not an entirely new fan, the Bond is much easier than having to replace the fan all together.

Hunter SimpleConnect

Rather than replacing the entire fan, Hunter allows you to turn it smart by installing their device and using their app, SimpleConnect. Once installed, you can control and schedule the fan and light to fit your lifestyle. If you can home late, you can schedule the light to come on when you usually walk in the door, or turn the fan off at a certain time. It may not be as spectacular as the Hunter Apache but it’s a great substitute for someone that doesn’t want to replace a ceiling fan.

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