BHN, or Brighthouse Networks, offers home security solutions with the help of the Charter Spectrum network for homeowners in the United States that live in their service area. The company offers useful security products and technology to help homeowners keep their loved ones and property safe from intruders and other possible security threats at the home level. They have an app on Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store that can help with numerous tasks related to your residential security. If you want to know more about this company or home security in general, please contact Protect America today to talk with a qualified expert on the subject.


“Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition.” – James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room

About BHN Home Security

BHN Home Security is also known as Brighthouse Networks and they work with Charter Spectrum Internet providers to install home security solutions for homeowners in the United States. Their systems include the following benefits and features as listed by the company’s website here.

  • Touchscreen Solutions
  • Completely Managed Home Security system
  • Modem and Router with the System Available from Charter Communications
  • Home Security and Control on a Sercure Wireless Network
  • Subscription Required
  • Two Door or Window Sensors for Use with the Residential Security Solution
  • One Motion Detector for Use with Residential Security System
  • One Yard Sign to Scare Away Threats
  • Window Decals to Scare Away Threats


There are many pros to using home security solutions from Brighthouse Networks. One of the benefits clearly is that you can have access to the blazing fast Internet speeds of a large Internet Service Provider (ISP) infrastructure that Charter Communications has invested millions of dollars in. A reliable wired and wireless network for your home security solution is mandatory if you want to make sure your communcations networks for security can handle any threats immediately, particularly in terms of monitoring. Also, it is a managed service, so you don’t have to constantly watch yourself or respond yourself. Of course, you want to be involved but leave the monitoring and surveillance to the pros.

The systems available are also feature laden and you get access to the app, which can be a convenient tool for users. You can download from Apple Apps Store or Google Play Store. You can visit the store links to see screenshots of the app and get a basic sense of how it all works, but it is definitely a plus for convenience in your residential security suite. The sensors included are capable of triggering responses that are needed to deal with any possible threats that may exist in the immediate term, too. If you want to learn more about how these and other solutoins can protect your home, or if you want to learn about what other options exist, you can contact the professional security experts at Protect America. They will assist you with any DIY questions and more. It is also an affordable package.



The negative aspects to using this security solution from Brighthouse Networks is that it is not flexible in payment options because it is tied to that wonderful ISP infrastructure. The drawback here is that you are locked in on a contract with a variety of special terms that you must agree to to use their service. It is a subscription model, which many homeowners do not like but this way you can ensure the protection. But, again it comes with a cost. Some homeowners may not like the contract terms or the subscription model itself.

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