Blink is a crowd-funded project through Kickstarter. It’s a home security camera and all-in-one system that delivers a video surveillance to your smart phone. The device is completely wireless and battery-operated with the ability to send notifications to your smart phone based on motion detection.

Should you trust a crowd-funded security system?

Backing a crowd-funded project can always be a risk, and there‘s no guarantee. Do you really want to gamble with the security of your home and family? The Blink project is just a prototype and won’t release until March or ship until May 2015. In the mean time, how are you going to protect your home? This product hasn’t had the chance to be reviewed by homeowners since it hasn’t even been made. Should you really trust a home security system that’s newer than the ice bucket challenge?

If you snooze, you might lose… everything

Blink is advertised as having a year’s worth of battery life. That being said, Blink only turns on when there’s action in its field of view. (That’s where the year-long battery life comes in. It’s really only about 5 or 6 hours).

Unlike most security options, Blink is missing the conventional aspects of a home security system. It lacks:

  • window and door sensors
  • panels
  • glass break sensors
  • monitoring
  • key fobs
  • exterior surveillance
  • smoke alarms
  • carbon monoxide detectors

Monitoring doors and windows with glass break sensors can give you the advantage of knowing and acting before someone steps foot in your home. Wouldn’t you prefer your security system preventing a burglary rather than interrupting one?

Blink outdoor camera review

The Blink XT is a fairly inexpensive outdoor security camera that functions pretty well for the price. It is weather proof, easy to use, small and inconspicuous. The Blink XT captures 1080p video over a 110-degree field of view so it’s easy to set up to capture anything. You also get free cloud storage with two hours of data storage, which is pretty good considering how high quality the video is. It has motion detection and IFTTT so you can set triggers, events, and scheduling. The mobile app is pretty good as well. Some of the drawbacks are the lack of two-way audio, poor night vision and no web portal. So if you we’re thinking about using the Blink XT as a door cam, then you might want to think again.

Smash and Grab

There is a very literal technique that burglars use when encountering an alarm system called “smash and grab”. This is when the intruder locates the panel and smashes it before it is able to transmit a notification of intrusion. While there have been no experiences with this security device as of now, you better hope that the video is saved with the burglar’s face in view if this happens to you.

Consider using a professionally monitored security system to safeguard your home and family, such as Protect America. Blink is an unmonitored security device, meaning if there is a break-in, you’re on your own to call for help. With professionally monitored home security systems, you’re providing yourself with a higher level of security. While Blink offers motion detection and spot protection, it will not stop a burglar from entering your home. Blink will notify you when there is a burglar rifling through your belongings or walking through your living room. By the time you receive the video notification and act on it, your belongings have already been stolen – in a blink of an eye.