Home Surveillance has taken-off with the tech boom of this decade. Capability, accessibility, and cost have completely changed the home security landscape. With DIY (do-it-yourself), self-monitoring surveillance cameras becoming increasingly popular, new tech startups are pushing out new products every day. Blink, a wireless security camera startup, has become increasingly popular with their doorbell cam. With their addition of the Blink Indoor Camera, they have solidified themselves as a real competitor in the home-security industry.

Tech Features

The Blink Indoor Camera comes equipped with 720p HD video as opposed to the Blink outdoor camera which has 1080p, 110 degree field of view, and infrared motion detection. The camera also has night vision capabilities due to an LED illuminator and a low-light performance so you are able to see in color rather than black and white in the dark. These features aren’t anything special in terms of DIY self-monitored security cameras. A majority of similarly comparable cameras are equal capability, if not more. For the price however, the Blink Indoor Camera is worth the low cost.


Like so many other home security companies, Blink offers their customers multiple options to best fit their security needs. The Blink XT is the indoor/outdoor HD security camera which starts at $129 and the Blink indoor camera is the most popular item at the low price of $99. You can add an additional indoor cam for $89.99 or buy in bulk between two, three, or even five cameras. You can even simply purchase a security camera sign for $30.


The Blink Indoor Camera is fairly small and only weighs 3.3 oz. It comes with mounts if you are interested in mounting it on a wall but does not have to be is you prefer it sitting on a counter top. It also comes with a USB cable and power adapter that will connect with the Sync Module. One of the more unique items the camera comes with is two lithium AA batteries. This is due to the camera running on battery power rather than a cable, making it wireless. The batteries are said to have a two-year life span which will protect the camera from being unplugged.


While multiple home security systems are able to wirelessly connect to the Echo already, Amazon has decided to step into the ever-growing DIY home security market by acquiring Blink. With the push for the Amazon Key, allow delivery employees to enter the home to drop off packages, home surveillance has become a larger issue for Amazon. Although the Blink Indoor Camera offers the basic of what Amazon customers may need, it is not ideal for the best home security. The desire to avoid unnecessary installation costs by setting up an easy system yourself is totally understandable but should not be the reason for avoiding a professionally monitored home security system. Thankfully, there is another option. Contact Protect America today to receive helpful information about properly securing your home. Leave the constant work of proper home security to the professionals, not your smart phone.