After a long day of work you’ve stormed into your house and jumped into your bed. You’re exhausted. You get comfortable and ready to call it a night, but it dawns on you — you’ve forgotten to lock the front door. Fortunately, with Bluetooth and home automated door locks, you don’t have to leave the confines of your bed to solve the problem.

Home automated door locks can be useful for homeowners, older adults, children who may arrive from school before parents, and thanks to allowing multiple users — these locks can even be programmed to allow access to dog walkers or babysitters at certain times of the day.

As we’ve discussed previously, the home automation sphere is pretty populated, and it’s not any different with smart lock devices. What’s on the market? What are the best options? Here’s five of the best we’ve seen, including front door and traditional padlocks.


Noke Lock (Padlock)

Noke was successfully started and funded via a kickstarter campaign. Some say it is the smarted and most secure lock option.

This device is waterproof, can open via touch with the palm of your hand, and it also has a Morse code manual unlock option for times where your smart phone can not be accessed by opening via a series of short and long clicks while holding the device’s shackle. All activity within the device will be logged as well.

Noke doesn’t offer a bad product, but there have been reports of a buggy and laggy app. The Noke however does clock in at $69.99 and is one of the less expensive options on our list.

Dog and Bone LockSmart (Padlock)

The Dog and Bone smart lock may be the most aesthetically appealing of the bunch. The company offers a lock with a stainless steel shackle and die-cast Zamak-3 zinc alloy body. It’s finishing touch is a red bumper on the face that truly makes Dog and Bone look like a futuristic product.

This smart lock is weather proof, has a USB port on the bottom for recharge, and will even go into power save mode when it’s not used to help make sure it lasts all the way up to it’s touted two years of battery life. The Dog and Bone can have different accounts for up to 50 people, but it has been reported to suffer from connection issues when multiple users are on the device.

Overall, Dog and Bone is a great option and reasonably priced at $90.

Schlage Sense Bluetooth Deadbolt (Frontdoor)

Schlage offers a few different smart lock offerings, but the Sense Bluetooth Deadbolt is one of their more popular devices. This device pairs with the Apple smart home system, HomeKit, and the system actually works and responds with Siri, which means Schlage Sense is the only voice operated smart lock.

The Sense is a little pricey at $229, and it’s biggest appeal is probably its connection with Siri and Apple iOS devices. But the problem with Sage is that you won’t be able to access the tool away from Bluetooth range unless you have an AppleTV.

The Schlage Sense is a great option, but it seems best suited for people who are already set up with Apple HomeKit, AppleTV, or are loyal to iOS devices.


LockState LS-5001 (Frontdoor)

This device was one of the lower rated products on Amazon out of the pack, and it is the most expensive, costing $249.95. Similar to most of the other devices, on LockState you’ll receive app alerts when the tool is locked or unlocked and the other standard features of smart lock devices.

LockState will connect via WiFi with other devices the company provides, and it is powered via four AA batteries. With LockState, you will have to pay an annual subscription fee for service, a very small fee for cloud service ($0.99), and and for the text and email notification  plan you’ll have to pay $1.98.

Yale Real Living Z-Wave Touchscreen (Frontdoor)

The Yale Real Living Z-Wave is the third party device that Protect America uses to provide customers with home automated smart locks. This device has an optional keypad, and works just like the tools above by the cloud and the Protect America application. You can also share virtual keys, and track use.

This option has an illuminated touch screen for night time access and allows users to have one master code and 250 separate codes for users. Yale’s product is a great offering for customers looking for a front door smart lock.