Bonds Alarm Company is a home security provider that caters to homes and businesses. They are the oldest and largest independently owned and operated alarm company in Arizona. Founded in 1957, Bonds has been in business for over half a century. While they have many years of experience, they still charge high up-front fees and double the price of what you would find for monthly monitoring elsewhere.


Price Points & Equipment

Bonds Alarm Company is charging close to $250 for their up-front costs to get your system up and running. Additionally, they charge about $39.95 a month for monitoring on their systems. For half of that price, you could get monitoring from a more affordable company like Protect America. Each additional visit to your home from a Bonds Alarm Company technician will cost you money by the hour and then some. At Protect America, monthly monitoring starts with the Copper Package at $19.99. Start-up equipment and installation is free, making it easy for you to safeguard your home and family.

Bonds Alarm Company uses all wireless Honeywell equipment. However, sometimes it is nice to have the option for a hardwired system, as they are often times more robust than wireless systems. When choosing a home security system, it is important to have options. Many people choose the convenience of a wireless system, but if your home already has an existing system, it would obviously be best to utilize the wiring and/or sensors you have already. Consider a more versatile option like the Simon XT from Protect America. The Simon XT, for example, gives you the option of both wireless and hardwired systems.

Protect America also offers a price-lock guarantee, meaning that the monthly price of your agreement will never increase. Unlike many other companies, you are promised the same rate every month of your home security agreement. It’s worth it!


Customer Reviews

Despite Bonds overall “good” rating for their customer service, they still seem to fall short in some areas of pleasing their customers. This particular customer was unsatisfied with their service after multiple false alarms. The review stated:

I called Bonds to try and find out why we had these issues. The last thing I want is a false alarm when I don’t catch my phone and have the police show up so I asked if they could check our system out. They said they could for a $60 trip fee, $80 an hour and fees for hardware if they decided I needed something replaced. So, I could be in this for a few hundred dollars. I suspect we’ll just end up being a VERY unhappy customer until the second our contract expires.

Warranty and Contract

One of the more alarming aspects of Bonds Alarm Company’s service is their one-year warranty. Considering they have a 36-month contract, a one-year warranty won’t get you more than a third of the way through an agreement with them. This could leave you uninsured for several years. Any company that won’t guarantee their equipment through your service with them is not worth the investment. Consider Protect America, where your security system is warrantied for the life of your agreement.

Home security should be simple and affordable. At Protect America, you can protect your home and your wallet. Call us today!