Bright House Home Security has recently changed their name to Spectrum. The company has some features and benefits such as their low base rate of $32+/month. However, they do not offer installation and your equipment must be purchased a la carte.


Instead of a dynamic customer service department, the firm offers a variety of how-to videos on their website. In short, we found their services a bit lacking and in need of an overhaul. If you are looking for a full-service company to meet your home monitoring needs, we suggest that you keep looking. Bright House is a workable option for customers who already know what they want and are familiar with security equipment and its installation.

Want to Learn More about Bright House/Spectrum Security?

Also known as Spectrum, Bright House Home Security offers equipment and monitoring but does not provide installation. Instead, they refer customers to their many how-to videos located on the company website. Unlike ProtectAmerica, there is no installation service available, even with a fee. This firm offers:

  • motion detectors
  • home security cameras
  • smart thermostat
  • other home systems such as keyless entry

They do not include equipment in their plans, and it must all be purchased separately. The main benefit of their equipment is the price. If you are unsure what your exact equipment needs are, you may have a difficult time getting the service that you need from Bright House.

Your System is Only as Good as Your Equipment

A full-service company will offer free equipment, up to $1,400 from Protect America, and we will make sure that you have exactly what you need to keep your home and your family safe,

We will work with you to take the guesswork out of choosing, installing, and monitoring your home security system.

The equipment that is offered from Bright House is the typical cameras and motion detectors as well as a few smart home devices such as temperature monitoring. They also provide keyless entry devices that can make life more convenient. None of the equipment is included in the monthly plans, and cameras start at a somewhat hefty $110!


Watch Out for Those Hidden Charges and Fees!

At Protect America plans start at as little as $30/month. At Bright House, and most of the other home security companies in business today, there are fees and charges added onto the monthly rate. If you are looking for transparency and an up-front billing rate, it’s time to take a look at the plans available from Protect America. In addition to crystal clear pricing, there is also a price matching option that means that you never have to worry about missing out on a better deal.  If you are looking for a robust system that will protect your family from natural disasters, intruders, and fire, this system will only help you observe your home, it is not tied into a communication system with your local emergency services departments.

Bright House/Spectrum offers equipment for DIY security cameras and motion detectors. It is not a full-service monitoring company that alerts your local police or fire department in the event of an emergency.

If you are interested in an actual security system that does more than just send you a text when there is an issue, contact Protect America today! We offer free equipment and installation, and we will always call you when we see that there is an issue at your home. When we call, you can either disarm the alert or we will contact the authorities. Our service is truly a monitored security system that you can rely on!