Home security monitoring is always going to be a hot topic of discussion for homeowners. Some property owners do not feel that it is necessary while others can look at modern burglary and break-in data and understand implicitly that it is important. Due to trends in technology, more and more home security providers are popping up with their specialized all-in-one systems. In order to weed through the many different options, it is important to take a close look at some of the industry leaders. Today’s discussion will be centered around Brinks Home Security and it will feature three surprising facts about the popular security monitoring provider.

Brinks Home Security: Major Player For Security Monitoring in 2018.

It used to be that the word ‘Brinks’, or at least the branding, was synonymous with security trucks and private security for banks or retail establishments. While this is still the case in many circles, Brinks has been making a concrete push toward becoming a home security company for the people. Brinks is one of the ‘Tier 1’ names in home security for a reason so it only makes sense that prospective customers get a closer look at the business in order to decide if it is the right fit for them.

As a company, Brinks has offices located in 100 countries throughout the planet. Along with all of these offices, Brinks manages to employ over 60,000 people. Home security isn’t just great for a home, it’s great for the economy as well.

Brinks has been around for a long time and their name has garnered a ton of clout over the years. With that being said, names only go so far in the field of home security and customers rightfully want to know about the advantages that a company like Brinks can offer to them. Let’s take a closer look at a few reasons as to why Brinks is going to be so successful in 2018.

To start out, Brinks is a legacy company that has been working in home security for a long time. More importantly than that, Brinks is now partnered up with ADT Home Security, another major brand in the field of home security. Brinks was acquired by ADT in recent years and as such they now have more support than ever from a larger base of consumers.

Next, Brinks home security monitoring is well regarded for its high-quality equipment and easy-to-set-up home security monitoring. With a Brinks security system, consumers worry less about the functionality of their gear than they would with other home security monitoring systems. It’s important for property owners to be able to rely on the gadgets that they are employing.

Three Things To Know About Brinks Security.

Now that we’ve discussed Brinks in a general way, let’s take a closer look at a few surprising facts about the company itself. While Brinks has been around for a long time, many people don’t realize just how deep their roots go.

  • Amazing Fact #1 – Most people don’t realize that Brinks Security was founded in 1859 by a man named Perry Brink. Brink, at the time,  used horse-drawn buggies in order to help his clients safely deliver their goods across hostile territory.
  • Amazing Fact #2 – Brinks Home Security Monitoring was acquired by ADT. As a result, old Brink consumers need to have all of their old signs updated or else it will be apparent that they are still using older models.
  • Amazing Fact #3 – Brinks Home Security now exists under the largest home security monitoring label in the world.

Now that we understand more about Brinks Home Security, we can have an honest discussion about supplying our own home with a security monitoring system.


Advantages of Home Personal Security Monitoring.

Personal home security monitoring, like that provided by Brinks or Protect America, is going to become a bigger and bigger industry in the coming years. In order not to be left behind, property owners should consider calling out for a consultation or free quote on equipping their property. With a home security monitor installed, property owners can sleep peacefully at night knowing that their home is secured and their property, and loved ones, are protected.