Brinks Home Security was one of the leading home security companies throughout the United States before the new millennium. In 2009, however, Brinks merged with ADT and has since inherited ADT’S overall business models and home security monitoring equipment and technology. Choosing Brinks/ADT as your home’s security provider should be done only after weighing both the pros and cons the company has to offer to its loyal and prospective customers.


More than 1.2 violent crimes were reported in 2016 throughout America, along with 7.9 million property-related crimes. Currently, the home security industry generates more than $4 billion dollars annually in the US alone.


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    High-Quality Home Security Equipment

    Not only does Brinks/ADT offer 24/7 monitoring services, but it is also a leading provider of high-quality home security and monitoring equipment. ADT uses its own patented technology with ADT’s Pulse in order to implement home automation and lightning-fast monitoring connections at all times for customers. Some of the most popular types of security equipment used with Brinks/ADT home security packages include:

    • CCTV security cameras/night vision security cameras/security cameras with motion detection
    • Motion detectors (indoors and outdoors)
    • Door and window sensors
    • Glass-break sensors
    • Home automation features including live video streams/feeds, automatic recording, automatic saving of videos, control of thermostats, lighting control, appliance control, remote access

    Money-Back Guarantee

    One of the pros of working with Brinks/ADT is the 6-month money-back guarantee that is provided by the company to all new customers. If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with your home monitoring and security service from ADT for any reason at all within the first 6 months of your service, it is possible to receive all of your money back including upfront costs.

    Home Automation

    One of the biggest appeals of Brinks/ADT Home Security is the ability to integrate home automation features and functions in any of the home security systems and packages currently available from the company. Using home automation features is ideal for individuals who live busy and hectic lifestyles or for those who are interested in using state-of-the-art technology in regards to their home’s security system. With Brinks/ADT home security, customers are also provided with the privilege of utilizing a mobile application, allowing them to access and monitor their home security system from just about anywhere with the use fo their smartphones.

    Upfront Costs and Installation Fees

    A problematic issue that often arises with customers of Brinks/ADT, is various service fees and hidden costs in their monthly bills. Always verify the total cost of your monthly bill with your customer service representative before agreeing to the terms and conditions of any contract or agreement you are presented with from ADT.

    While many home security companies charge installation fees for specific packages, ADT requires a standard $99 installation fee for all customers regardless of the security package you select and whether you plan to pay for an entirely customized solution for your home. If you want to save additional money on your home security system, opt for a company that does not charge an installation fee or requires a lengthy contract.

    No Free Equipment

    Regardless of the home security plan or package you are interested in, Brinks/ADT Home Security does not provide security equipment free of charge. All customers are required to pay for the individual security equipment they are interested in installing into their home whether you prefer to rent or purchase the equipment yourself.

    Brinks Customer Service

    The first thing you will notice when you contact brinks customer service through their phone number is you will be put through an automated system. For most people this is pretty annoying. You will also need to supply proof of your account and they might even ask for your social security number. There are also quite a few complaints about never getting a hold of Brinks at all despite knowing their account number. Kristy states on the BBB website,

    “Brinks has the WORST customer service I have encountered in my adult life and that’s saying a lot.”

    And goes on to describe how impossible it was to actually get a hold of someone to help her.

    Standard Contract

    Brinks/ADT requires all new and prospective customers to sign a 36-month (or 3-year) contract, which is typically the industry’s standard (for companies that do require customers to sign contracts). Once you are locked into your contract, you are not able to switch to another home security company without being held financial responsible for a cancellation fee or in some cases, paying off any balance you owe for the remaining period of your current contract. Before signing on as a new customer of ADT it is imperative to thoroughly read and review any contract you are presented with to avoid any potential unwanted or unnecessary fees and fines in the future.


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