Brinks is a well-known security brand and with 1 million subscribers to its home security service, it may be an option worth considering. Home security should be a concern for all homeowners, even those who feel they live in a “safe” neighborhood.


The presence of a security system can deter crime before it even gets under way. According to the home security site SafeWise, burglars tend to avoid homes with security systems:

Based on a report by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, about 60% of convicted burglars stated the presence of a security system influenced their decision to target another home.

But before you schedule that installation, it’s a good idea to take a review of what the company has to offer. Here’s a look at what Brinks has in store for its next round of customers:

Two Home System Options

Perhaps the first thing you might notice about Brinks home security systems is that the company seems to have worked overtime to make things simple. Customers shopping for a home security system will find that Brinks offers just two choices of systems: with or without video. Known simply as the Home Complete system or Home Complete With Video, both offer 24/7 alarm monitoring service that can dispatch authorities or cancel an alarm upon request. Each package also includes:

  • Crash&Smash Protection, automatically sounding an alarm if someone tries to dismantle your security control box.
  • LiveVoice Assist, allowing you to speak directly to the alarm monitoring center.
  • Smartphone control of your system, allowing you to manage your alarms via your smartphone or tablet.
  • Home Automation, enabling the systems control panel to be used as a hub for security technology

The Home Complete with Video System includes all these features, plus–as its name would imply–includes video capability as well. Customers choosing the costlier system will receive live video streaming. It will also store your video on the cloud for later viewing.

This system’s control panel can handle up to 119 smart home devices, so homeowners have the option of adding to their original system. The hub can be controlled via Amazon Alexa, Apple TV, Google Home and other smart home devices. Here are five technologies to consider adding if you are planning to install a Brinks system in the future:

  • Flood sensor
  • Smart door lock
  • Wireless glass break detector
  • IQ Wireless temp sensor
  • IQ Wireless garage door tilt sensor

Understand Costs Before You Sign

The appealing part of a Brinks system, other than the trusted brand name, lies within its simplicity. Regardless of which of the two systems a home owner chooses, the system is pre-configured and sent out to the residence. The Brinks Home Complete with Video system includes the Home Touch panel, three wireless door sensors, one wireless motion sensor, one HD video doorbell, and one indoor camera with night vision, along with a yard sign and stickers. There isn’t a lot of decision making when it comes to installing a Brinks system. Customers need only unbox the components, plug in the system and activate it.


A plus to the Brinks home security system is that it offers a 90-day money back guarantee. But be aware of their activation fee and hidden fees that can kick in if you change your mind about the system. These fees can add some costs to the free trial period if you decide the system is not for you. The three-year agreement enables Brinks to offer equipment at no extra charge but be aware that the monthly fee could change after your service has begun.

Be Sure and Secure

Home security systems will continue to make technological advances, but the bottom line is that only a few systems offer professional monitoring. Among those that do, pricing varies so read the fine print and be sure you understand all the implications and potentially hidden costs before signing on the dotted line. Spend your dollars wisely and you will be rewarded with priceless peace of mind. Investing in a home security system is less costly than dealing with a break in. As noted by the Electronic Security Association points out:

According to the FBI, the average dollar loss per burglary in the U.S. is $2,185. That amount far exceeds the typical cost of a basic security system, and doesn’t include the mental and emotional costs a break-in inflicts on your family’s peace of mind.

Companies like Protect America keep families safe by monitoring homes 24/7 and responding immediately to emergencies. Plus, Protect America delivers with locked-in rates starting at only $30 per month and up to $1,400 worth of equipment at no cost, while letting you avoid the installation fees you would have with a lot of DIY remotely monitored system. Find out if a professionally monitored home security is the choice for you. Get a free quote from Protect America today.