Broadview home security started operating in 2009.It was a transformation of the Trusted and Successful Brinks Security firm. In May 2010, Tyco International Ltd. acquired Broadview security and incorporated ADT into their security brand. Here is an insight into Broadview Home Security.

“A safe home is a safe country.”

Broadview Security Equipment

A homeowner may already have the security system, but they aren’t aware of its master code. In such a scenario, they usually have limited choices. It’s only ADT that can program or unlock Broadview’s equipment as it is proprietary. Moreover, you can sign up for them to replace your keypads and panel.

Also, if you currently use a particular Broadview system that is functional, you can also use it with ADT. If one wants to retain their alarm system, they could start experiencing specific equipment age-related challenges. However, ADT can service and maintain the system for you. Also, they recommend essential equipment upgrades.

Furthermore, you might not be fond of ADT security systems. Also, you might have recently contracted Broadview due to persistent connectivity problems. Therefore, you will have limited short-term options. However, Broadview will continue serving your until your contract expires. Alternatively, you can cancel or sell a deal with a different firm.

Challenges in Maintaining a Broadview System

The most common problems that many homeowners face when maintaining their Broadview systems are;

A lost master code

ADT services acquired Broadview security after it transformed from Brinks systems. All the networks were proprietary equipment. Hence, only a certified dealer can account information, arm and disarm the master codes. Consequentially, any other system has a pre-programmed default code. Once an individual alters it, you can’t restore it. For one to use their Broadview system on a long-term basis, you should have its master code at your fingertips.

However, in case you lose the code, you can sign up a monitoring contract with the ADT firm or replace your keypads and panel. If you have a functional master code, you can run your house alarm as a local system. It doesn’t communicate with a central center.

Worn out equipment

Most of the security hardware is almost 20 years old. Keypads are prone to wear and tear due to their daily physical use. However, you can easily find them online in case you miss them in your local store. Therefore, you should maintain your Broadview system as provided it’s still efficient. After some time, you will have to replace it. Besides, you will have ideal options that will save you a few coins.

Pros of Broadview Home Security

  • Reliable monitoring.
  • Suitable for large spaces.
  • It has various features.
  • The system is less susceptible to hacking.
  • Most professionals prefer it.

Cons of Broadview Home Security

  • Expensive installation process.
  • High vulnerability since thieves knows that to them to disable the security system; they have to disconnect the external phone lines.
  • It is permanent hence challenging to relocate to a new home.
  • There is only one control station, the control panel.

Importance of Monitored Home Security over Non-monitored Security Technology

Monitored security systems involve arming, disarming, installing and paying monthly maintenance fees. Also, you regularly deal with false alarms. Here are some benefits of installing monitored security systems:

  • Reduced Insurance Premiums: One may be regularly paying monthly fees for their home security system. Installing a monitored system might reduce your homeowner’s insurance by aids in cutting down your monthly budget.
  • Gas or fire alerts: A homeowner may decide to receive carbon monoxide or fire alerts when they are away. Some service providers enable you to notify relevant authorities of such eventualities instantly.
  • Children control: When you are at work, you can watch what’s going on in your home through your company’s mobile application. Therefore, you will know who your child invites for parties. Moreover, having automatic door locks enables you to unlock the doors when the kids get back from school. It significantly reduces the probability of losing your home’s key.
  • It protects valuables: During most home invasions, burglars search for electronics or jewelry. However, once you install Broadview home security, it scares off the robbers. Also, it instantly notifies the police. Consequentially, an increase in the number of homes with security systems causes a decrease in residential robberies.

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