Smart home hubs have been on the raise for years now. They have their uses and make life much easier for the homeowner. But just like all pieces of technology, it is prone to break. There might not be a need to fix them as the hub seems to be on the decline. Money has been the problem with this. Do not worry. Believe it or now, there is a chance that a hub can be fixed. There is a short list of questions to try and isolate the problem and fixed it.

  • Are You Having Connection Problems?
  • Are you Having Log In Problems?
  • Is it Something Else?


Are You Having Connection Problems?

Your hub work when you are online. What happens when you have problems with your connection. The first thing to try is to turn it off and then turn it back on. Turn off the hub for a few seconds and turn it back on. Believe it or not, this little talk clears up most basic of connection problems. Even BT suggests doing that with this tip:

Turn off your Hub, computer and any devices you’re trying to connect for five minutes before restarting. This can really help.

If that does not work, there are some tips that could help. Check the status of the network. You might have to reset that just to get it working right. Make sure that everything is connected properly. You can even check to see if the equipment is up to date and working. Sometimes, the hub itself can be fine. It could be the chords that are faulty. If none of these work, contact Bt Home for further assistance.

Are you Having Log In Problems?

Sometimes, it can be hard to log in. These days, the internet is making it easier. Facebook lets you log with your picture. Chrome saves your passwords. You can use your e-mail address or cell phone number to log in. Windows offers you to use your pin to log into your account onto your computer. Even through all of this, there will still be problems with logging in. Do not worry, Bt Home will help you out.

Just contact the site and they will help you out. Your username is usually your email. If you still forget, use your e-mail and phone number and answer some security questions to help you get into your account. If you forgot your password, the website will let you reset your password when you offer your e-mail and access to your phone number.


Is it Something Else?

What if you have a problem that is not so common? You have tried everything that you can think of and looking around online did not give you the answers that you were looking for. Do not panic. Go onto the website and contact technical support. They are there to help you. You can chat with them online. Go to the community and post your problem there. Chances are, you can find someone with the same problem as you. You can also file a complaint to the website.

It only takes three steps to make this complaint. Select a topic, write out your problem, and hit send. If they do not get back to you in a timely manner, you can chat with them live for help. To make things better, there is a “something else” category to voice your unfamiliar problem.

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