Did you know that nearly 58% of all burglaries involved forcible entry? Without a home security system in place, you drastically increase your risk of becoming a target of burglars and vandals.

Homes without an active and visible home security system are 300% more likely to become a target of burglars and criminals interested in vandalizing property.

Deciding on a home security provider is not always easy, especially if you are unsure of whether you prefer landline-based solutions or if you are more suited for wireless options. Before selecting a home security company such as Bulldog, it is important to review your options and choose a solution that is affordable, reliable and delivers high-quality customer service.

Consider Your Home Security Needs

Before you choose any home security provider for your household it is imperative to consider your security needs and the type of home security system that is ideal for your family. Are you looking for a home security system that is reliable and one of the largest providers in the US? Do you prefer professional installation or a DIY method of implementing a home security system? Is free equipment important to you and essential for your current budget? Do you want options when choosing equipment and building a plan that is optimal for your home? Consider a variety of factors that are important when choosing a home security company that is right for you to feel more comfortable with and confident in any decision you ultimately make.


Perks of Bulldog Security

Bulldog security is a well-known home security provider with a fan base that is loyal and satisfied with the service they receive. Some of the perks and advantages of choosing Bulldog security include:

  • Low monthly fees starting at $15.95 are one of the biggest draws to Bulldog security for homeowners. With some home security providers charging anywhere from $199 to more than $299 each month, it is no surprise that Bulldog has built its business on customer loyalty.
  • Free consultations are available to determine which type of home security package and solution is best for your home and security needs.
  • Bulldog security currently offers month-to-month contracts, which is extremely desirable for those who are wary about long-term commitments to home security companies.

Cons of Bulldog Security

Before choosing a Bulldog security system that is right for your family, it is important to learn about some of the disadvantages the service delivers such as:

  • Unfortunately, all customers are required to pay for their home security cameras and equipment upfront before receiving service and activating their home security system. Home security equipment can quickly become expensive, which is why Bulldog security is not a solution that is ideal for everyone.
  • Bulldog security does require a $50 reprogramming fee for customers who have a current service or a previous provider and are looking to switch to services offered from Bulldog.
  • The warranty provided by Bulldog security on all equipment is only valid for one year after purchase, even if the equipment simply no longer works after a year is up. If you are unable to afford future investments of equipment, Bulldog security may not be the right provider for you.


Protect America is one of the largest home security providers throughout the US today, coming in at 14th out of all security companies on the market. Protect America not only offers customers the option of DIY or professional installation but eliminates traditional installation fees while also offering up to $1,400 of free equipment when building and selecting a new security solution.

Are you in the market for a home security provider that offers 24/7 monitoring solutions at an affordable monthly rate? Do you prefer more control over the security equipment and plan you create for your household? Contact Protect America to learn more about current plans and equipment available and to get started by opting for your free quote today.