The Cammy Home Security System was launched in Australia in 2014, and since, they’ve expanded into 107 countries across the globe.

They offer many of the same DIY components as other options, but they tout some big claims on their website. Statements like, “no false alarms guaranteed,” and “you will only see a human on camera,” to encourage customers that humans, pets, weather, plants, and any other household item won’t spur up a false alarm.

These claims sound like a good deal. But how accurate are they?


The Specs

Cammy standard package comes with an HD 1080P camera, a power adapter, an Ethernet cable, mounting plugs and screws. The camera is Wi-Fi enabled, includes a speaker, microphone, night vision, and is compatible with IOS and Android apps. It has a 300° horizontal rotation, 120° vertical rotation, PIR sensor, two-way audio, antenna connection, and an external card slot for micro-SD up to 32g.

Pricing was rather difficult to come across, but it appears as though in the US it is $32.99 or $66.82 in Canada, plus the monitoring fees.

Monitoring fees are an additional price, and they do operate 24/7. It’s a 12 month commitment, and after that customers simply pay month to month.

Similar to other products, Cammy will send alerts and push notifications via smart phone app to inform users if something occurs in the home. Cammy doesn’t have a keypad, and it’s motion sensor will alarm and disarm the house when it senses you have left or arrived.

One valuable thing about Cammy is its ability to be used both indoors and out. Many DIY offerings are only capable of operating indoors.



Cammy has fairly positive reviews online. Customers ran into some camera issues, and problems with customer service, but otherwise many were pleased with the product.

The main issue with Cammy is that for its service you will be paying a monthly fee of $29. This fee is accompanied by a year long contract, and only after that year are you allowed to cancel and have the luxury of paying month to month.

For that sort of pricing and contract, Cammy really doesn’t offer much. There’s no home automation features. No carbon monoxide or smoke detectors. No sophisticated sensors. And you’ll even have to pay for the cloud storage if you decided you want to add that feature.

The allure for many customers to go with DIY home security is because they can avoid contracts or monthly fees. But with Cammy you are placed in a middle ground. You aren’t fully DIY, and it isn’t a fully professional service. Once you break it down, Cammy is basically a simple camera setup, and not much more. You could have similar results with many other tools, or truly have the peace of mind that home security can bring you by choosing to go with a professionally monitored company. Home security is more complicated than a camera setup and alert notifications. 

We suggest sticking with products that provide all of the security features necessary for home security. Here at Protect America, we are both professionally monitored and DIY, with all inclusive home security products.