Canary is a home security and automation system with smart phone integration, meaning it can be controlled using an Android or IOS device. It relies completely on wireless Internet. The Canary unit comes in three colors and the features are included in a single device. It’s minimal and cheap, offering limited security qualities. Canary’s founders have aimed to market this system to the masses, but does one size really fit all?


Do You Really Want to Wing it with Your Home Security?

Canary is an unmonitored system, which might have its affordability and convenience perks. Unmonitored systems, however, are considered a major vulnerability. Having a professionally monitored system provides a much higher level of security. Only monitored systems come with 24-hour surveillance by a professional security team. With unmonitored systems, you’re largely on your own as far as responding to an intrusion. Consider using a monitored home security system from Protect America.

Monitored systems save precious time dispatching help at the exact moment of intrusion. For example, when your home gets broken into, the Canary device sends you a text message notifying you. You’re busy at work and eventually check your phone an hour later. By this time, your home has been burglarized and your pets or family have been put at risk. Monitored systems will send the police, fire department, or paramedics directly to your home after evaluating the existing condition.

One Size Fits Small

Unlike most security options, Canary is missing the conventional aspects of a home security system. It lacks:

  • key chains
  • window and door sensors
  • panels
  • monitoring
  • exterior surveillance
  • smoke alarms
  • carbon monoxide sensors
  • battery reserve power

The Canary team claims that a single device can protect a large enough area for the system to be successful. Do you really want a device the size of a beer can protecting your entire home? Do not choose this security system if you own a larger dwelling than a studio apartment or if your home contains multiple entry points.

How Reliable is a Crowd-Funded Security System?

Canary was able to manufacture the first round of its devices through Indiegogo, a website dedicated to raising money through crowd funding. Unlike many other DIY security systems, Canary is an all in one system. While this might sound basic in theory, it is not customizable or expandable. The single device contains a multiple features, but is it reliable? Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms are assets that are also generally noted with other security systems such as Protect America. Canary provides air “quality” detectors. However, its sensor is not considered accurate for detecting smoke or CO on its own. Conversely, Canary will react to extraneous smoke alarms and CO detectors meaning you will need to already have those installed prior to considering Canary.

Canary’s temperature gauge claims to be able to notify you in the event of a fire. Nonetheless without a smoke detector, by the time your home reaches alarming temperature, most of it has probably burnt to pieces. Coming home to a half-burnt house might ruffle your feathers.


Wouldn’t You Prefer Your Security System Preventing a Burglary rather than Interrupting One?

Monitoring doors and windows with glass break sensors and additional equipment can give you the advantage of knowing and acting before someone steps foot in your home. With Canary, you are limited to the sensor within the device, making it less likely to deter criminal activity. Additionally, Canary is powered from your AC and has no emergency battery backup. If your router goes out, so does your “security” system.

With only a one-year warranty, consider a security system that offers more customization, coverage, and durability. An unmonitored security system such as Canary is cheap. It costs $199 for the single device plus additional information storage fees. It is, however, difficult to put a price on the safety of your home and family.