Alarm company contracts are generally a necessary part of doing business, but these contracts can also come with frustration for consumers. They may be longer term than people want, and they can also be hard to handle in the sense that they are difficult to cancel when a consumer wants to make a change. Many of them also automatically renew, which can leave a consumer who missed their cancellation window feeling frustrated and having to pay additional fees to cancel their now-renewed contract. Fortunately, there are ways to cancel alarm contracts properly — including a NorthStar Alarm contract.


Following NorthStar Contract Procedures

To cancel a NorthStar contract, homeowners need to be sure they follow proper procedures. Calling the company is the first step. Most people who use NorthStar as their alarm company have a five-year contract, and these people may have to pay a fee for cancellation. Still, that can be worth it for those who are not happy with their service. It’s also important for those who want to cancel at the end of their contract term, without allowing the contract to auto-renew. Once a homeowner calls the company, NorthStar will go over the cancellation procedure, which must be followed for the contract to actually be canceled.


Make Sure To Follow Up

Following up with the company is crucial. Like many other alarm companies, NorthStar has some reviews that say cancellation is difficult. There are homeowners who state on a number of online review sites that NorthStar makes it incredibly difficult for people to cancel, and those who say they have:

  • called,
  • written, and
  • emailed.

But none of that has worked. While those people may or may not be in the minority, it showcases the importance of making sure proper procedures for cancellation are followed, and that homeowners who want to cancel their NorthStar contracts follow up with the company until the contract is canceled. Watching out for monitoring charges being deducted from the bank each month is also important, so it can be stopped if cancellation procedures have been followed.


Switching To a New Company

Once a NorthStar alarm contract has been canceled, many homeowners will want to look for a new alarm company they can use. It’s important to find a company that works for them, and that will do a good job of protecting their home.

The right alarm company will charge a fair price, give quality service that is reliable, and focus on the needs of the consumer, not the needs of the company.

While all alarm companies claim to do this, not all alarm companies actually do this. Shop around. Look for the company that will treat their customers fairly, let them cancel without hassle, and ensure that their monitoring is working appropriately in order to keep them safe from harm. That’s all people want in an alarm company, and it shouldn’t be too much to ask.

For homeowners who are interested in monitored home security, getting a free quote from Protect America today is the way to achieve more peace of mind.