There are countless home security cameras on the market these days. Some are intended for strictly indoor use and others are tailored for outdoor use. All of these cameras offer a wide range of features and then there’s the matter of how and where the video footage is stored. Bosma USA, based in Fremont, CA, is set to launch their CapsuleCam with Starlight Vision in September having raised $19,544 (123%) of their funding goal via Indiegogo. Bosma aims to set a new standard for low-light image quality with the Starlight Vision technology onboard the CapsuleCam. Aside from the avid birder population who happen to read this post, most of you are probably asking yourself, “what the heck is Starlight Vision?”


What is Starlight Vision?

If you were hoping for some futuristic technology akin to the Star Trek universe, you’re in for a disappointment. Starlight Vision is one of the three basic night vision technologies.

Starlight Vision works by amplifying whatever light is available, no matter how little that might be, and produces the eerie green and black imagery that most conjure up when dealing with “night vision”. It’s important to note that Starlight Technology does require at least a blip of light in order to work, so the CapsuleCam is not your go-to camera for monitoring underground caves or any other environment where there is absolutely zero natural light.

Why Starlight Vision?

Starlight yields a more complete view of your home, both in terms of viewable square footage and image quality. Oh yea, don’t forget that the images are also in color no matter the level of local light – daylight, low light or in the dark. CapsuleCams ability to capture color images in the dark allows for greater descriptive detail that makes identifying people, shapes, or objects an easy task. Think about it this way – rather than telling local law enforcement that a blurry human-shaped figure is snooping around in your yard, CapsuleCam allows you to relay identifying details such as the color of the intruder’s shirt. If the enhanced details don’t carry any value in terms of your protection, you can know exactly what Fluffy is digging up in the far back corner of the yard at 2:00 am!



Bosma USA really packed the CapsuleCam to the brim with features! First and foremost, you can stream live HD video and communicate via the two-way audio component. The Live View feature within the mobile app allows you to check-in on your casa 24/7. No matter where you are at the moment. Just make sure you have a reliable internet connection!


CapsuleCam doesn’t rely on cloud storage for your covert home surveillance. This is a big change of pace when it comes to HD home security cameras. A microSD card stores all recordings and images. That means no more monthly subscription fees, potential infringement on your private recordings. Furthermore, the looming threat of a data hack is a thing of the past with CapsuleCam.

Ultra-Wide Field of View & Wide Dynamic Range

In addition to the crisp, crystal clear, color night vision, the CapsuleCam boasts an ultra-wide 162° angle field of view. This is currently the widest field of view in the indoor home security camera market! Furthermore, CapsuleCam also boasts Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) capabilities. WDR technology enables the CapsuleCam to capture detail-rich images with pristine clarity, even in an environment with high-contrast lighting. In simple terms, the WDR sensor automatically brightens dark areas and darkens light areas to ensure optimal detection and recognition.

Motion Detection

If you’re not eagerly watching your home via the CapsuleCam live stream, Bosma has you covered! They incorporated a motion detection feature that will send a notification direct to your mobile device. This, in essence, completes the security shell that is the CapsuleCam by Bosma USA.