When it comes to finding a home security monitoring system, there are going to be many different options available for consumers to choose from. Home security services have been exploding in popularity over the years as success with technological innovations has continued to occur. One of the most important discussions that a consumer can have before deciding on their home security system involves looking closely at the type of networked monitoring that they are considering. Different options include Wireless, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and even Cellular. Our discussion today will be focused on cellular alarm monitoring systems. Most people have access to cellular communication and as such, we’ll focus on some of the most popular and capable cellular security systems available on the marketplace today. More specifically, we will be discussing the three most popular cellular home security systems on the market.

Cellular Home Security – The Protect America Advantage.

When discussing home security at all, there needs to be a focus on companies like Protect America. Protect America has become one of the most popular home security providers in the United States of America over the past decade thanks to their wide range of security solutions that are both complex and affordable for regular, every-day consumers.

Protect America offers a variety of different networking options for their home security systems including cellular.

Now, why is Protect America the first choice for consumers looking for a home security solution? We’re glad that you asked. Let’s take a close look at the benefits of pursuing a cellular home security network by way of Protect America.

  • Equipment – When installing a cellular home security network one of the premier benefits is that the network is completely protected from outside interference by the hands of a criminal. This means that consumers can focus more on the benefits of Protect America’s professional-grade home security equipment. From motion detectors to home automation systems, an entire home security system can be installed to professional standards in an afternoon.
  • No Phone Line – In older times, having a home security system would require having a landline to operate off of. Thanks to cellular networking, this phone line is no longer required. Protect America takes advantage of this system by making it more and more secure than ever.
  • Friendly Tech Support – Finally, Protect America has made a name for themselves as one of the most popular home security options in the country thanks to their friendly and responsive tech support. Cellular security systems may be more complicated for customers newer to the technological world, so it always helps to have some aid just a phone call away.

Protect America isn’t the only security monitoring company that is offering cellular networking, but they are easily one of the industry giants for a reason. Consumers that want to see what it will take to get a home security system set up with a cellular network need only reach out and make a phone call today.

ADT Security – Veteran Cellular Security Systems.

There will always be a debate between wireless and cellular home security systems but ADT is trying to put that discussion to rest. ADT has been in the security business since the late 1800s and, no, that isn’t a  typo. ADT has established themselves as one of the premier home security system providers in the country for a reason. While ADT offers every kind of home security network, including wired and WiFi, their cellular networks are competitive with everyone else on our list.

The primary benefit of pursuing an ADT cellular home security system comes by way of the fact that consumers will be working with one of the oldest companies in the security system industry. While ADT’s home security looks little different in comparison tot he other two options on our list, the guarantee that comes from working with a legacy company is hard to ignore. Still, ADT’s prices are higher and their subscription fees are tough to handle for some consumers.

LifeShield Home Security – A Solid Option.

LifeShield is the final option on our list. LifeShield is probably the third most popular cellular security system provider in the country. With LifeShield, consumers need to purchase a higher-end package in order to enjoy the cellular networking benefit. LifeShield is more expensive than the other two options but it is still a realistic choice.