Central Security Group is a mid-range security service offering home automation and smart home services. Though the services appear to be functional, they come at quite a hefty cost — and both cancellation and moving charges appear to be high. 


How Much Does Central Security Group Cost?

Average costs for Central Security Group appear to run about $52.99 for their equipment and monitoring service. This monthly fee has to be paid over the course of a long-term contract, which cannot be ended without fairly significant costs. Customers have noted that Central Security Group has a tendency to be very aggressive about their sales, often selling door-to-door and engaging in high pressure tactics. 

Central Security Group has slightly more than average costs and does offer a fairly wide arrange of services, including home automation products. However, these benefits are offset by:

What Do Real Customer Reviews Say?

The fine print is actually there and it covers an entire page. I just assumed that a security company would have my best interest in mind so I trusted them. BIG MISTAKE.

Customer reviews for Central Security Group describe a number of issues related to pricing. Central Security Group requires a long-term contract through which customers need to keep service. If they try to cancel service, they need to pay for all the remaining months of their service in addition to another $250. This is far above average, as it means that customers have to pay for the entirety of their service contract, not just their equipment.

Additionally, customers noted that Central Security Group would sign them up for another contract if they did not specify that they wanted to cancel within an allotted amount of time. Other customers noted that it was very difficult to cancel and that moving required a second contract in addition to a first.


Should You Get Central Security Group?

Not only is Central Security Group expensive, but it also appears to be very difficult to cancel their service — and if you do successfully cancel, you could find yourself paying out the rest of your contract right out of pocket.

Rather than getting Central Security Group, consider investing in a brand you can trust. Contact Protect America today.